Friday, December 14, 2007

The Brown Five - 12/14/07

The Brown Five is a daily breakdown of five stories that Brown stumbled upon and cause his eyebrows to raise up a bit. This probably won't be daily because Brown has the attention span of a...hey look! A bicycle..

1) The Mitchell Report, okay, now what?
Selig says he's going to crack down, Fehr says he'll cooperate within the limits of players' interests. Sounds like the same thing. However, what I think the best thing to come out of it was, the MLB said, "independent party, take all the time and money you need to find the findings and bash us without mercy" They took the public sentiment and said, "you're right, we've got a serious problem, and now we're going to do our best to acknowledge it and try to fix it." Cheers to you, baseball, now let's see you back it up.

2) Bob Costas has the best solution
Costas (my favorite announcer of all time) was on Mike and Mike this morning and pretty much had the best solution regarding punishments and the Hall of Fame and the Book of Records. This isn't a direct quote, as I'm working from memory, but it's close enough:

"Asterisks mean nothing because you'd have to put them on everything. Instead have the very first page of the book of records say something to the degree of: baseball is the purist sport and the historical continuity of these records holds more solid than any other sport in the world. However, given timeframes, baseball has had certain conditions or circumstances that have led to the skewing of records. These include, but are not limited to: segregation and integration, day games and night games, lower mounds and higher mounds, and the so called steroid era of the 1990's. Keep the reference as you flip through this book that baseball has always had a circumstance or condition that threatens its context and continuity, but it retains itself more than any other sport. Then turn the page."

Couldn't have said it better.

3) Who's sorry now?
Mario Williams has proven that maybe Charlie Casserly wasn't playing give up a few years ago. Let's see: Demeco Ryans was last year's DROY and still plays fantastic football. Vince Young was the OROY last year, and granted he's slipping this year because he's trying to play pocket qb instead of freelancing which he does best. Mario Williams is second in the leage with sacks at 13 this year, and if you watch him, plays like a fucking man-child. Reggie Bush? Well, he's a glorified scat back who spends more time with Jared from Subway and Kim Kardashian's ass that he forgot what the hell he gets paid to do. Where's the media mea culpa?

4) I'm not sure what's wrong with Aggies
As a Longhorn alum, I'm going to try and be objective. Texas A&M has got a REALLY good basketball team. Scary good with a loaded recruiting class. That being said, they can't fill Reed Arena worth a damn. This makes no sense. This is a school that is so steeped in tradition it makes me sick. Granted, I don't know how they do it down there, but in Austin we'd pay $40 at the time of registration and you could go to the Drum to watch any basketball game for free. And when Barnes created the O-zone, it became that much more fun because we got better seats than the alumni did. I'm a little taken aback that a college that claims to have the best support group can't fill arena for the best thing they have down there.

5) Duke wants David Cutcliffe
And people want to say that the SMU job is a curse to a coaching career??? If Cutcliffe is smart, he'll wait and take a better job (come on, he made Elisha look good at Ole Miss) or he'll slip something into Phatty Fulmer's drink and take over at Tennessee. Don't do something you're going to regret and go to Raleigh-Durham. That's the ACC's doormat. No matter what Dorsey and Big want to argue about, I'm not sure they're going to say that being at the bottom of the ACC is any kind of a respectable position.


gerry dorsey said...

oooo...i made the content.

hell i think smu may be a better job than duke. i know that sounds crazy, but both programs are deeeeep in a hole. meanwhile, smu is in a much easier conference, and you wouldn't have any other sports to contend with for booster dollars, facilities, etc. granted you have the acc recruiting pipeline, but what about getting the "texas leftovers?" i think smu is probably the quicker turn around.

just a thought.

gerry dorsey said...

wow, so much to comment on today. i agree about mario williams. the texans are looking smarter by the week. it should be noted that i'm a saints fan.

i was also shocked when i read about the crappiness of the aggie hoops fan. all of their 12th man doo doo and they can't even go watch a top 15 team?? and probably for damn near free as you mentioned.