Thursday, January 8, 2009

The 2008 Dallas Cowboys - They put the "I" in "Team" - The Coaches

We're going to take some time this week and breakdown the 2008 Cowboys...just what the hell happened? Offense Monday. Defense Tuesday. Special Teams yesterday. Coaches today. Front Office on Friday.


The review

Jason Garrett, Ray Sherman, John Garrett, Skip Peete, Wade Wilson, Hudson Houck, and Wesley Phillips. Gentleman, you were given the keys to a Ferrari, and you drove it like a god damned Kia. This offense was supposed to be the most deadly, high scoring and defense rattling assemblage of talent ever. Turns out, they pretty much sputtered and did nothing from top to bottom. Motivation. Control. Adjustments. Leadership. All things that this offensive coaching staff lacked

What to do

Jerry said he's keeping everyone. He's already paying Garrett out the ass. That being said, he's praying that Denver or Detroit hire Jason Garrett. Jerry Jones (and the collective Cowboy fan base) immeidately began to salivate when Mike Shanahan became available. I guarantee you, if Shanahan isn't here as OC in 2009, he'll "take a year off" and be here in 2010 as the head coach.


The review

Brian Stewart, Todd Grantham, Dave Campo, Reggie Herring, Dat Nguyen, Brett Maxie. Not exactly names that scare offensive coaching staffs in the league. HOwever, let's not kid ourselves, Wade Phillips was the man pulling the strings half way through the season when this defense became a force.

What to do

I'm not sure what can be done from a coaching standpoint, as the defense seems to be the most stable part of the team. They've already given Brian Stewart a disconnected headset and let Wade call the plays. Short of demoting Wade to DC, I don't see what else they're going to do.

Special Teams

The review

There's a reason that Bruce Reed got fired. His special teams unit sucked terribly this season. That's really all there is to say about that.

What to do

They've hired Joe DeCamillis from Jacksonville. Joe had his special teams have the best opponent field position in the league, so I guess that says something for him. I said they'd hire Coach Joe. I was right about the name, wrong about which Joe.


The review

Well, if you're talking about overall coaching, you're talking about the head coach, which means you're talking of he of the marshmellow, Wade Phillips. I happen to like Wade Phillips. I think he's a coach who works well with players and works well with Jerry. You saw what he did with defense, and he's the type to rely on his OC to handle the offense. That just happened to lead to some disasterous results. I'm fine with Wade remaining in charge, but this team will need someone who has the fire to get people in check behind Wade. That's not Jason Garrett or Brian Stewart.

Bright spots: Dave Campo

Low Lights: Jason Garrett, Ray Sherman, Brian Stewart, Bruce Reed

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