Monday, January 5, 2009

The 2008 Dallas Cowboys - They put the "I" in "Team" - The Offense

We're going to take some time this week and breakdown the 2008 Cowboys...just what the hell happened? Offense today. Defense tomorrow. Special Teams on Wednesday. Coaches on Thursday. Front Office on Friday.


The review

Tony Romo, Brad Johnson, Brooks Bollinger. Jeez, that just hurts to type, let alone read. I think we know, given Johnson and Bollinger's performance for 3 games, this team needs a solid backup QB. Johnson's old as dirt and Bollinger is, well, Brooks Bollinger. As for Romo? I'd definitely say the honeymoon is over. I'm not out on Romo yet, as I still think he's a young guy and can learn to become a better leader and quarterback. His biggest problem? He's a douchebag. The guy has gone from an "aw shucks" dork who loved football and Guitar Hero to a complete douchebag that you really would rather not hang out with.

What to do?

Romo has to have surgery, as in his head needs to be removed from his own ass. He has to prove to his team, his coaches and his fans that he is dedicated to football and leading the Cowboys. Romo can't be Tom Brady until he's achieved what Brady has. Look for Dallas to draft a quarterback early to put heat on Romo.

Running Backs

The review

I really don't think you can complain too much about the Cowboy running corps. The biggest issue that they had to face was the injury bug. However, when you look at Barber, Jones and Choice, you've got to be somewhat excited going into next season with our own version of "Earth, Wind and Fire".

What to do?

Get healthy and get on the same page. Follow the Giants and see how they've setup Jacobs, Ward and Bradshaw. These three guys need to follow Barber's lead and they need to work together to deliver a three punch combo that reduces the need for Romo to do anything "jedi-ish".


The review

Oh boy. What do you say about these guys that hasn't already been beaten to death in the media? You've got a constant soap opera all season with Owens. You've now got whispers that the whiny snitch is Jason Witten. The huge (now Jason Kidd-esque) trade for Roy Williams. The injuries to your field stretchers in Austin and Hurd. The perpetual shit fest of Crayton. Guh, not exactly the 49ers of the 80's. This group underachieved this season, period. You can blame the quarterbacks, sure, but if Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson are good enough to get open and catch passes, so should the Cowboy corps.

What to do?

I really don't think this team can afford to get rid of Owens. Williams (much to my chagrin) has shown he is not a legit number one guy, and the others are still not good enough to step up. Owens has to be there, simply to be a reliable number one. Send the receivers and Witten to some kind of Kumbaya camp this spring and share the love. This is going to be a job for the coaches.

Offensive Line

The review

It was really tough to figure out what happened to this offensive line this year. Last year, they were one of the most dominant forces in the league, and made the offfense click. Anyone who watches football can tell you that without an offensive line, you've got nothing. Was it the loss of wonder Jew, Kyle Kozier? Maybe. Has no one on the line have anything to play for since they've all got their contracts? Maybe. Something isn't adding up on this offensive line, and I'm not well versed enough in the ways of offensive line-ery to answer that.

What to do?

With the loss of Kozier, and the apparent ineptitude of Proctor and the other cat they brought in, the depth of the line is the issue here. Look for Dallas to bring in better backups and look for the coaching staff to attempt to reinvigorate this group that starts the offense.


The review

All in all, the offense this year was pretty ugly. Things happened on a prayer and it was sink or swim with no middle ground to be found.

Bright Spots: Tashard Choice, Felix Jones

Low Lights: Brad Johnson, Roy Williams, Cory Proctor

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j-bizzle said...

I'm going to have to disagree that Owens is a "reliable" number one receiver. Chief drops passes like he's makin' it rain at the titty bar...always has, always will. Passing to T.O. is kind of like Philly's running just keep pluggin' away until hopefully something big happens.

And, not that he isn't a drama queen (because he definitely is), I feel like most of the "visible" drama this year was caused by Owens' reputation and the media and not by Owens', himself.