Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Guest Post - Bizzle's solution for the BCS Shit-storm

Again, we always welcome it when readers submit posts. Even when it goes against what I think is right. Here is J-Bizzle's thoughts about how a playoff system should go down for college football. Enjoy, and discuss in the comments.

So Herbstreit and the entire state of Texas are pissed that OU is in the big game instead of UT. Brown has a plan for a playoff, but Big doesn’t want to leave the Hokies out of it because those crazies down in Blacksburg won their shitty ACC Title. That’s right, Mom and Dad are fighting again. What are we to do? Don’t worry, kids, ‘cause Bizzle’s gonna make it all better. I got it.....timeshareeee. [random TMNT reference, and if you don’t know what that acronym means, yes, you deserve to die and I hope you burn in hell!] Wait, no, it’s a playoff system.

Including the Independents, there are currently 12 Division 1-A NCAA Conferences. This makes for essentially 12 conference champions. Penn State wins the Big 10 by virtue of having a better record than Ohio State. But we’ll deal with that and the Big 12 in a minute.

Each conference champion is automatically in the playoffs.

ACC – Virginia Tech (9-4)
Big 12 – Oklahoma (12-1)
Big East – Cincinnati (11-2)
Big 10 – Penn State (11-1)
Conference USA – Tulsa (10-3)
1-A Indy’s – Navy (8-5)
MAC – Ball State (12-1)
MWC – Utah (12-0)
PAC 10 – USC (11-1)
Sun Belt – Troy (8-5)
SEC – Florida (12-1)
WAC – Boise State (12-0)

But what about conferences without a technical champion? Or conferences with more than one team with only one loss and to make it worse it’s 3 teams and they all lost to each other?!....Never fear. There are 4 teams left who can still get in. These would be the top 4 teams who are left after you take the conference champions out of the (BCS) rankings. In this year’s case they would be:

Texas (12-1)
Alabama (12-1)
Texas Tech (12-1)
Ohio State (10-2)

Games start a week or two after the last regular season games. There are 8, 4 and 2 games each week with two weeks allowed before the championship (or not, I really don’t care that much). Now you have the current top 10 teams in the country (according to the BCS) making it into the playoffs, and 6 potential cinderellas (yeah right). Brown gets his playoffs, Big gets VaTech and Cincy into the dance and Bear even gets to see his beloved Buckeyes. Everybody wins! Except for Badlander. No Huskers this year, buddy.

Round 1 Brackets (based on rankings):

(1) Florida vs. (16) Troy (2) Oklahoma vs. (15) Navy (I think Tulsa is ranked higher than Navy. If not, then switch it in your mind jackass.)
(8) Texas Tech vs. (9) Boise State (7) Utah vs. (10) Ohio State
(3) Texas vs. (14) Tulsa (4) Alabama vs. (13) Ball State
(6) Penn State vs. (11) Cincinnati (5) USC vs. (12) Virginia Tech

I see a couple blow-outs for sure, but I also see some potential upsets, too. Anyway, so there’s a total of 15 bowl games right there. And, from a corporate standpoint, you keep the traditional bowls (Sugar, Cotton, Peach [Chick-fil-a], Rose, etc.) although there might not be the traditional conferences facing off in them and you could still have plenty of other bowl games so conferences like the PAC 10 don’t have to go from 5 teams in the postseason to just 1 and we all have something to watch every day from Christmas to New years. Aaaaand, from a pro football standpoint, in all likelihood you are getting the players who are most likely to go into the NFL used to a longer (potentially 17 games) season.

Arguments? And no bullshit about kids missing Christmas because that’s a shitty point!

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Carl Badlander said...

No Huskers...It's Okay....Have i mentioned how GREAT we were in the 90's!!!