Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I think I might have found the reason

Update: Just so we're clear here, I'm only referring to the football programs at schools.

If you've paid any attention to this blog in the past few months (or if you've known Big and I and have paid attention for the past 10 years), then you know nothing will result in a full blown hell-in-a-cell death match like the playoff versus bowl argument.

No matter what argument either guy uses, a baby gets aborted.

Wait a second.

Yeah, I'm going to stick with that.

Anyway, I think I've realized what the big difference is, and it's a pretty classic scenario: the storied program (aka "Big School") versus the non-storied program (aka "Small School").

Big's a North Texas alumnus. He knows that his school, since entering Division I-A football, was never going to contend for a title. So, in an effort to not lose interest, Big has adopted two other programs to follow closer than others: Texas A&M and Notre Dame. The former has several of his family as alumni, the second is the whole Catholic connection.

What does this mean?

Big doesn't live and die with any school. If his school's doesn't make it (or has a 1-10 record), he doesn't really care one way or the other. That's not to say he doesn't actively root for his school, matter of fact, he's the third biggest North Texas fan and supporter I know. But, if North Texas has a bad year, big deal. Now, if North Texas makes ANY bowl game, it's a big deal. Win or lose, it's a HUGE deal because it's a bowl game.

See? The bowl system offers the non-storied programs a chance to shine on a national stage when, otherwise, they would never get a chance. It's a chance for the students and alumni to have one giant party in a city that isn't homecoming.

It's different for me.

I'm a Texas alumnus. There is one and only one school that I follow. Since I was in elementary school, I've been a Texas fan, and that has only gotten stronger over the years.

What does that mean?

I do live and die with my school. When my school loses, my week is pretty much ruined. I won't go out. I won't answer my phone. I'm usually put on fight watch for a few days afterwards because I don't want to hear it. I have such heated hatred for my rival school that I've uttered the words "I'm going to eff the Sooner out of you" to an ex-girlfriend (true story). There is no other game that matters to me besides the national championship. I don't care about the other bowls. I don't care about the BCS. I want one game, and one game only, the National Championship.

The bowl system doesn't give me that. Matter of fact, it takes away the right I have to even see my team have a fair chance to play. You can say "the regular season is a playoff". No, it's not or else why have a regular season at all? With a playoff, I know that a) my team has earned a legit chance to play for the national championhip via the regular season and b) if my team loses, then at least it was during an honest-to-God shot and run at the the title, not because of polls or computers.

I think that's the elemental difference here. You could get rid of every other bowl on the planet because it doesn't mean a rat's ass to me as long as my team has a chance to play for the title. Big wants the bowls because it gives his team(s) a chance to have the limelight and play for some kind of recognition.

It's not that one system is better than the other or one idea is better than the other. It's a question of having to cater to the few (12-16 storied program schools) or the masses (the other 110 D-1A schools who have a right to the limelight).


Carl Badlander said...

Wait...I'm confused...was that all one big cover-up, hidden meaning story to tell me that you love me more than rainbows?

gerry dorsey said...

"There is no other game that matters to me besides the national championship. I don't care about the other bowls. I don't care about the BCS. I want one game, and one game only, the National Championship."

apparently my crimson tide agrees with you.

if the regular season was truly a playoff than texas would be in oklahoma's place, b/c in a "playoff" you don't advance when you lose. and i don't even like the 'horns...i'm just sayin'.

and finally, i'm catholic and i hate notre dame.

Big said...

maybe that is it. Maybe because i didn't go to a "my team is the only team that matters" school is why i find the bowl system entertaining, or the reason I don't feel the need to curse at and anger oposing fans at social settings.

I also fear that I have been unfairly pegged as the "the only way its right is when there is a bowl game," and in all acuality, while i do enjoy the bowl games more than most people, I would have no problem with a playoff if done right. It just drives me up the wall when people talk about, "well, just take the top 8 teams in the nation and start a play off" is the only problem.

I like Bizzels Idea, but it has its problems too. I have a very indept idea of what should go down with College football that i would love to share with everybody, but It out there, and its long, and I'm not done with it.

So perhaps your right, I don't want to "fuck the troy state" out of anybody thus more likely to root for Utah, Boise or lowley UNT to have a legit shot at a end of season game.

But i'm cool with that, I can enjoy college football for what it is, not what its not, or what it should be, because I beat somebody in week 2, but they beat who I lost too, so now its a big FU to us, and everybody is jocking another team, wah wah.

Brown said...

"what it is, not what its not, or what it should be"

sweet magoo, man, did you just channel bret hart??

and you haven't been pegged as a bowl lover, you've been pegged as a jew hatin', bad spellin', kiss stealin', jet flyin', limousine ridin' son of a gun!

gerry dorsey said...


j-bizzle said...

I am genuinely curious as to what the problems with my solution are. Other than the fact that the whole thing is still based on rankings.

Is it because teams that have better records than some conference champs aren't getting into my playoffs? Maybe they should try either winning a few more games or winning their conference.

I'm much happier with a 10-2, 11th ranked TCU not having a shot at a championship than a 11-1, 3rd ranked Texas (a legitimate contender) missing out because of the 7th tie-breaker in the Big 12 rule book.