Monday, January 5, 2009

What would you rather see?

A) Whoever wins on Thursday is declared the national champion and Texas, Utah and USC are left with their dick in their hands because "that's the system and, hey, Notre Dame won the Hawaii Bowl, so it's a good system!"


B) The semifinals of a playoff where Texas vs USC and Utah vs Florida/Oklahoma with the winners playing for a real national championship

Use the comments and share your thoughts.


Big said...

all i'm going to say, is what would become of VaTech, they won a bcs game just like Texas, USC, and Utah. Say what you want about Cincy, a BCS game is a BCS game.

Brown said...

Look, cockpouch, if I can create a playoff system, I can ignore the bowl game that included two piece of shit teams. I'm giving the MWC way more credit than the ACC or Big East.

By the way, did anyone check if Gerry is alive and didn't pull a Brooks from Shawshank?

gerry dorsey said...

brown your concern warms the cockles of my heart...maybe even the sub-cockle region.

i am infact alive and well...though just barely. and i have not gone all "brooks from shawshank"...yet. real life is just kickin' my ass right now.

to keep it topical, florida is gonna roll some sooner ass tomorrow night. all the big 12 has shown me this bowl season is that they are not fond of defense (both playing it AND playing against it) and that they can beat up on the big 10.

j-bizzle said...

the difference between VaTech and Cincy and Texas, USC, Utah, Florida and OU is that VT and Cincy have 7 combined losses (4 for VT and 3 for Cincy) and UT, USC, UU, UF and OU have 4 combined losses...i don't like a 4 loss team having the chance for a national championship

HOWEVUH! There are 12 FBS Division 1-A conferences. You could have a 16 team playoff system where all twelve conference champions can have their shot and then have 4 wild card teams to avoid having another UT, OU situation. The wild cards are the 4 highest ranked teams after the 12 champions are pulled know what I'm just going to email you guys a post 'cause I just got way too into this...

Bear said...

How about option C? Next time there's a confusion as to which team should be crowned the champs, each schools Cheerleaders have to wrestle it out in topless Jelly match. Last Cheerleader standing their team is corwned!