Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Ticket might have met its match

They're in big trouble...

I was driving home yesterday and reached the same level of confusion you all did when I realized that Live 105 was no longer around because it had become 105.3 The Fan.

Best picture I could find..

That's right, DFW has a brand spanking new sports radio station, and this one threatens to legitimately challenge The Ticket for supremacy.

Let's look at the lineup

The Jagger Show versus Dunham and Miller

Nah, I'm still going to listen to Dunham and Miller.

Mid Days
Kevin Scott and Greg Hill versus Norm Hitzges and BaD Radio

Well then, have Bob and Dan got some legit competition? I've always been a big K-Scott fan, and I heard him and Greg Hill on the radio yesterday, and they've already got a semi-funny rapport. By the way, seeing as Greg Hill referred to himself as "the Michael Jordan of Texas A&M" and K-Scott referred to himself as "the Jesus of Texas Tech", well sign me up. Bob and Dan had better bring the fire.

Afternoon Drive
Ben & Skin versus the Hardline

That's right. The Fan has taken the station's anchor team and is putting them against the Hardline. Quite frankly, the Hardline is going to lose a lot of listeners, me included. Ben and Skin are one of, if not my favorite, radio teams right now, and pitting them against the consistently "meh" Rhyner, Davidson and Balis team is going to drive a lot of station switches.

Pete Stein and Mike Rodriguez versus The Top 10 and Dan Patrick

I don't really care because I'm not listening. If I am, I'm more likely to go with Gamenight with Choppy and Greggo.

The Cowboys and SMU are with The Ticket. Westwood One and The Longhorns are with The Fan. I should also mention that The Fan is owned by CBS Radio and has more than 10 times the broadcast capability (100K Watts versus 9K Watts) than the Ticket. The Cowboys might opt out of the Ticket contract this year and hop to the Fan which would be a HUGE coup in listenership.

I've said it before, the Ticket has gotten too comfortable in DFW and they've gotten a bit full of themselves and they haven't made the effort to really change and keep the broadcast fresh for the fans. I think with Ticket favorites like Ben and Skin and K-Scott leaving with spotlight positions, you've got familiar voices and a new offering that can be listened for a longer amount of time.

On a side note, I hope this forces ESPN to just quit the local shit and go with the national programming. I'm starting a personal vendetta against Randy Galloway. I hate that son of a bitch.

Another interesting observation. If you read Richie Whitt's blog at the Observer, he gives the coverage an objective, almost positive view. If you read Robert Wilonsky's blog at the Observer, he deadpans it as though it is just another flash in the pan version of the Ticket. Wilonsky is buddies with the Hardline guys. Whitt became persona non grata for providing coverage of the Greggo story when no one at the Ticket wanted him to...good times.


gerry dorsey said...

i'm a biiiiiig k scott fan, so they will get every opportunity to steal me away from bad radio. they'll have to do better than that to steal me away from the musers and the hardline though. i dig ben and skin, and listened to them a decent amount in middays, but they're not going to steal me from the hardline. at least i don't have to even accidentally pass by that nut filled turd that was the russ martin show.

gerry dorsey said...

oh...and you're just now starting a randy galloway vendetta?? i've been in dallas for 7 years and i've wanted to kill that old man for about 6.5 of them.

gerry dorsey said...

update: i listened to k scott and greg hill today and they were terrrrrrrrible. they pretty much argued about tech and a&m for 3 hours. good times.

D-Nasty said...

I have to admit that I am losing faith in the 'ol ticket. I understand that the schtick is on air screw ups and jacked up crap broadcasting. But, I am getting pretty tired of it happening every 30 seconds, i.e. Dan. The Musers still have it and the Hardline is servicable, but Bad Radio is pretty close to losing me. Donovan being the token black guy was funny for about a month, and Dan being a jackass is usually funny, but lately it's as if that's all they have going. And, yes, K Scott and Greg Hill sucked a fatty today.

Bear said...

Well Dan generally bigs a Big Bag of Nothing! Sturm really pulls the sports weight on that show, and the addition of Donnie Doo ads the black perspective, but they have a lot of good bits. Sturms speaking Spanish is getting old though... "And remember kids... Dont Jar!"