Monday, December 8, 2008

One more bowl versus playoff note...and it's not from me.

I'm not going to say anything about the college system because apparently that's just me whining because I'm a Texas alum.

Because of that, I simply turn you over to The Mighty MJD at the Shutdown Corner. He's got an argument that we should get rid of this stupid Super Bowl concept...

I'll put an excerpt here, but go read the whole thing.
I want a system that relies on individual opinions and computer rankings that are extensions of varying human opinions on what numbers are the most valid for measuring the quality of a team. I want Bowls. I want them named after various foodstuffs. And if there's not a Poulan Weedeater involved, then to hell with everything.
Stands up. Wipes tear from eye and salutes.


Big said...

You do understand the diference between a playoff in a 32 team league with each team playing 13 diferent teams in the regular season, and one that would be from a 130 some odd team league that only plays 12 different teams?

Would a Playoff be a beter determinate than the bowls? If done right, yes it would, but by all means explain to me how that can happen with all the money and power conferences, and still give everybody that deserves a chance a chance, and still keep the season under 16 max games for any given team?

(i say 16 because thats about 4 months worth of games. Throw in a bye week or two so if they start in late august the championship game is on the first of January.)

I'm all open for ideas. Make me a beleiver.

Ohh and don't play the "i can't say anything because i'm from Texas and you'll just think I'm whinning" card. Your better than that.

Big said...

wow, that came off a little hate filled.

My Bad. I still love you suntaned superman.

Brown said...

You understand that the 130 teams in Div I-A FBS are not on the same playing field, right?

You get that the 6 power confernces aren't really inclusive of teams that are truly on par with each other, right?

Why don't you pare down the teams to about 40 that actually have a realistic chance and re-organize into 4 regional conferences of 10 teams a piece?

Top 8 go to a playoff.

Implement a relegation system, similar to the English Football, and allow teams to move in and out of the remaining teams in Div-IA FBS into the newly formed conferences. This would allow your Utahs, Boise States, and TCUs of the world to prove themselves.

If you're good enough, you move up, if you don't deserve it, you move down. You've got bowls for the smaller conferences and schools that would never have a legit shot at the BCS and you've got a playoff for the schools that actually contend for the title.

You can't sit there and argue that everyone clamoring about playoffs is too stupid to understand that it can't just be dropped in on the current landscape. I would say that YOU are better than that.

Of course things have to be changed around structurally, but take the time from now until the BCS contract is done and 2014, and as Keenan Thompson might say. FIX IT!

That's right, kids, mommy and daddy are fighting.

gerry dorsey said...

"That's right, kids, mommy and daddy are fighting." beat me to it. just don't make me listen to you to "making up" while i'm trying to go to sleep tonight.