Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Okay, now here's a first

How in the hell?

For the first time ever...I apologize

I'm not one for apologies. My ego is too big and I'm too much of an ass hole to offer them up when I should. However, it's come to a point now where I think I might need to offer an apology to one Juan Jose Barea.

JJ Barea has been a whipping post for The Big and The Brown. He's been right up there with Dolph Ziggler and 7-11 commercials. I've never liked him because he was too small, too shitty and just killed any momentum the Mavs ever had on the floor. Big hates him because JJ's Puerto Rican and younger than both of us.

However, the little bastard has broken out to have an AMAZING streak since Thanksgiving against the Lakers.

In fact, I remember marveling about the fact that he came one assist away from notching a double double that game, thinking it was a flash in the pan game for him...

HOWEVA! (in my best Screamin' A. Smith voice)

Let's look at his last 5 games.


You know what his career averages are?


Now, I'm not saying that Barea is Chris Paul, or that he should be in the starting line up, but we used to think that Barea was a waste of bench space and shouldn't even be here. Remember our reaction when we heard they re-signed him? Yeah, pretty sarcastic.

If Barea keeps this up, then I'd say the Mavericks have a legitimate back up point guard to play behind a starter not named Jason Kidd. Barea's probably getting more minutes than he should, but if he can provide production while on the floor, then I say this is a good thing.

So, officially, I'm sorry J.J. Barea.

Scootch says sorry

Note: I have the right to retract this apology at a moment's notice and tie Barea back to the whipping post.

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