Monday, December 8, 2008

College Football Round Up - Bowling for Spares


Pic HT College Game Balls

So lets see, pretty much everything happened the way I thought it would. OU put a whoopin on Mizzu, Florida drove through Bamma, and USC is still screwed into playing the Lions.

The only thing I didn't see was VaTech taking down BC, but i don't really care about either of those teams, I'm glad they play Cincy in Orange, or as most people out side of those colleges will call the Aren't Bowl. (see the humor, aren't kinda sounds like Orange. See? Ahh go fuck yourself, I don't have to explain my humor to anybody)

Lets take a look at The big bowl games, shall we?

FedEx BCS National Championship Game
Florida vs. Oklahoma Miami
Dolphin Stadium Jan. 8, 2009, 8 p.m. FOX

Needless to say, while I don't think they are as deserving as Texas, i think the choice of Oklahoma and Florida will be the most entertaining title game since UT/USC a few years ago. I don't think either team will run away will this one, and it could be a track meet like Texas vs Michigan was back in 04.

Tostitos Fiesta
Ohio State vs. Texas Glendale, Ariz.
University of Phoenix Stadium Jan. 5, 2009, 8 p.m. FOX

Texas and Ohio State get to play a rubber match this year in the Bowl Games, as they have played each other twice over the past 3 seasons in the regular season, splitting both games. I know, the rules are in place so that the BCS has the right to choose OSU to play in this game, but it rubs me the wrong way that they have 2 losses, while Boise has none, and Texas Tech only has one. I hope the Horns smoke this team by 100.

On a side note, my wish of a Gerry vs. Brown mustache contest in the sugar was so close, but alas, not ment to be. But you know who is a big OSU fan? My roommate, the Mexican Hippie's girlfriend, and more importantly, Bear. Maybe we can work something out after all.....

Allstate Sugar
Utah vs. Alabama New Orleans
Superdome Jan. 2, 2009, 8 p.m. FOX

I am going to give credit to Bamma. I really thought they were going to get rolled by Florida, but there were leading this game going into the fourth quarter. But John Wilson is no Tim Tebow, and Tim Tebow did just what he needed to do to win this game. While things might have been different if Percy Harvin was playing, I think I either over rated Florida, or under rated Bamma, and its more than likely it was the later.

The Tide gets the "gift" of playing Utah in the Sugar Bowl this year as a result. I say "gift" because while it is nice to be playing in a BCS game, no body wants to play the BCS buster, because its a lose-lose situation. You win the game, and that just what you were supposed to do, you lose it and you just lost to a non BSC school in a bowl game.

FedEx Orange
Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech Miami
Dolphin Stadium Jan. 1, 2009, 8:30 p.m. FOX

I have already said how little interest I have in this game. Cincy is a good story, seeing is how the Might Mean Green of North Texas beat this team in the New Orleans bowl just 6 short years ago, but Brain Kelly is a good coach. Va Tech does nothing for me though. When you lose 4 games, all on the road, and one of which was the opener to ECU, you don't deserve a BCS game.

In Fact, even Mark Schlabach, one of ESPN's college football guru, ranks the Orange Bowl the 12 most intriguing bowl game, in his Best to Worst of the Bowl Games this year. Behind 7 non BCS bowl games, including 2 who don't even have a BCS team in the game.

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Citi
Penn State vs. USC Pasadena, Calif.
Rose Bowl Jan. 1, 2009, 4:30 p.m. ABC

I keep trying to talk myself into this game, as both teams are one loss squads, who's only loss has kept they out of BCS Championship game bid, but I just don't see how JoePa can do anything in this game. USC rolls by 20. At least.

Just this morning I started looking at the other bowls, and I'll do another whole post on them later, so lets just rap up this BCS bowl game talk.

I think the BCS did a terrible job at putting good games together. They got the Cincy Va Tech game right, but picking Ohio State over Boise and Texas Tech is boulderdash. (I know Tech couldn't get in due to the whole can't have 3 teams from the same conference bit, but that is a terrible rule). And if your going to put in Ohio State, let them play Utah, and let two one loss teams, Bamma and Texas, go at it for at least a shot at a split National Championship.

But noooooo. That wouldn't be good for the BCS. Heaven forbid Tech Rolls Ole Miss by 40 and Ohio State drops to Utah, making the BCS look stupid. Or having Texas roll the Tide making a case they were the team that should have been in the BCS title game. Shame on you BCS. You and your white tiger with the stuffing of the pants.


Brown said...

I'm sorry, are you, Captain "Bowls are the greatest thing ever", now wishing for some kind of system where the decisions get made on the field and not in the computer?

You, sir, can go fuck yourself with a shoe.

gerry dorsey said...

hell i may grow a mustache keep the upper lip warm in the winter.

bama put together one helluva run this year, they just weren't as exciting as the big 12 studs or the team the lost to on saturday. i am confident they will be back in a similar situation in next year or two.

as for their bowl opponent...fuck that!!

Big said...

Bowls are the greatest thing ever, when they are done right. All i'm saying is if you are going to pick the bowls, then pick the best matchups, don't pick out of fear that your flawed (and yes it is very, very flawed(so would a playoff btw)) system will be exposed.

Oklahoma should be below Texas, but they arn't.

So when picking the games, why not pick the best teams vs the best teams?

And untill they have a system where the top 8 teams go to a playoff, i'm still out on the playoff system.

j-bizzle said...

bama v. texas would be a FAR better game...both teams are going to murder their respective opponents in their current games...was it an issue of having two sec v. big 12 BCS games?

gerry dorsey said...

no issue with that bizzle. just a matter of the order in which these bowls get to choose and who they feel is the best fit.