Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympics, Week one in Pics

We So Happy for Olrimpics!

"When I'm 15 I hope I have boobs like you. HEHEHEHE!"

More Like BrASSil! Who's With Me!

"Hey Bron Bron, Look at that White Girl!"
"Yea, She is Bangin'"

Bush: "So That's how you Pop Drop and Lock it"

or from Nayfa

"No Mr. President, you light the match, then I fart."

"That's a Fully Man! A Fully!"


gerry dorsey said...

look, i know this blog isn't one for spelling, but i refuse to sit back and allow shoddy racism.

the whole point of the fake chinese accent is that "l's" become "r's." therefore having both the "l" and "r" in "olrimpics" is inaccurate racism. its just "orympics."

this has been your lesson in racial sterotyping for today. carry on.

Bear said...

Good one Mr. Dorsey! And I have some side notes... On the first photo with the Chinese people holding their flags, you should insert a subnote "And we have to look happy, and be proud otherwise our government will take away our rations"

And... yes... I'm with you when it comes to "BrASSil"