Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My favorite part of the Olympics so far...

I haven't made any bones about it, I'm hooked on the Olympics this year. I've never been hooked on them before, but I am this time around.

That being said, I was watching the women's team gymnastics final yesterday and was trading texts with Big and with Bear who were also watching it,, that didn't seem as gay until I typed it and re-read it. In all fairness, most the commentary was on Alicia Sacramone's fine ass...but I digress.

My favorite part of the Olympics so far? Bela Karoyli.

If there ever was a Eastern European, Gymnastics version of Gus Johnson, it's him.

So far, he's gone ape shit during Nastia Liukin's performance, he accused the judges of cheating and having an anti-American bias, he's accused the Chinese team of having a team full of girls who are too young for the Olympics (you have to be at least turning 16 in 2008), and, in general, he's so pumped about gymnastics and his accent, you can barely understand him!

Oh yeah, the only thing that comes to mind when I hear or see this guy....

By the way, I'm having a lot of trouble finding videos this morning, so I'm just going to leave you with "Return of the Mack"

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