Wednesday, April 23, 2008

German translation for "What the fuck!?"

Really guys, what the fuck do you want from me?

Last night was a thorough ass kicking, like when we stomped all over Poland!

Since when did I get put on the Auschwitz basketball team!?!?!

I mean, shit, how is it that Nash at age 54 can still play basketball, but all you crazy gypsy Jews forgot how to run down the goddamn court!

JET, Kidd, Stack, Josh and Damp? More like Shmuel, Saul, Yentil, Herschel and Efraim!

I can't take it anymore, Bass is the only one I'd think was a good German like me, but it turns out he's black!!

I can't take it anymore! The Owner, The Commissioner! ALL JEWS!!

Did Detlef and Uwe have to put up with this!?!?

Wenn ist das Nunstuck git und Slotermeyer!!!!

Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!!!!!



gerry dorsey said...

holy shit this is genius. the title and picture had me rolling before i even read a single word. kudos.

sir chillumsworth III esq. said...

I see your Monty Python reference and I raise you a Fawlty Towers.

Brown said...

you, my friend, were the only one I expected to pick up on that reference.