Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coolest moment ever in UFC

Now, I am a semi UFC/MMA fan. I like to watch it and I know a little bit about what goes down. I now have a new favorite fighter, Nate Quarry. He fought some douche bag guy from Canada named Starnes at last weeks UCF 83. Here is a tribute video to Starnes who just runs away. Why is Quarry my fav? Watch until the end and you will find out.

Just like Rocky ended the cold war, I think we can now all get along with Canada.

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j-bizzle said...

i don't think "douchebag" quite covers it all because there was an extraordinary amount of douchebaggery the entire fight, especially at the end when starnes is trying to call people out for booing him. a word hasn't been created that can describe kalib starnes during that fight (maybe 2 words..."ass hat", which i think might be brown's favorite term. how do you get a fight in your home country, talk a lot of shit prior to the fight and then not put forth any effort to at least punch the guy? at least try to take him down when your sub-par boxing isn't working. starnes was right when he said he was faster than quarry, though...as in he can run away faster...rabble rabble

j-bizzle said...

stereotypical canadian...live to fight another day, eh?

but having seen this fight, i think i can change, too. hey, big, hit me up next time you want to watch a fight. i didn't realize you were that into the ufc.

"immobile bastard" just came to mind for some reason