Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where I will be playing football next year.

Well, its a day before national signing day, and I am ready to make my commitment to where I will be playing football next year. I have been out of college for 3 years now, out of football for 10, but I have been keeping in shape. So while it was a surprise, it was not a total shock that new head coach Mike Shermen of the Texas A&M Aggies contacted me a few weeks ago, asking about my 40 time and how much I could bench 150Lbs.

At first I thought he was trying to get me to donate to my father's, not mine, Alma mater, but then he started asking me football questions. I taped one of the conversations and it went like this.

Coach -Hello son, This is Coach Sherman, I know its always been a dream of yours to play football for the Aggs, and I'm here to see if you want that dream to come true.

Big- Uhh, yea, but I'm 3 years out of college, I drink heavily, and smoke about half a pack a day.

Coach - I know, I've read your bio, but I was watching some game tape of you from 1995 and thought you showed real potential. That tape, plus reading this blog, I know you are a smart football person, and I'll be frank with you, I think we can mold you into the next great Aggie TE.

Big -This is a joke right?

Coach - no son its not. I'll be in touch.

And that was the end of it. I didn't think much of it till Mack Brown called me the other day. He asked me if I would like to play TE for the Horns next year.

Wow, My head was spinning. I had no idea that a 26 year old blogger could have his dream come true, but alas, I am going to play major D1 college football.

So just like my friend, Kevin Hart, who picked to go to Cal this week, after thinking long and hard, I'm going to pick to play for my fathers team, Texas A&M.

Gig Em!!

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