Thursday, March 10, 2011

The End

2 months ago, I came up with the radical idea of re-launching this blog. Big and I had let things go stale, but we still had plenty to say, so I thought, maybe I’ll jump start things with a series of mini-posts and that would be that. After all, I was maintaining being active on our Twitter account the entire time, and I figured as social media progressed, why shouldn’t we re-join the fray and re-establish ourselves within the blogging community.

So, for the past 10 weeks, Big and I have been fairly diligent on blog posts. We’ve tried to get one out each day, and though Big wasn’t all that jazzed about doing it again, he stepped in when I couldn’t and produced his usual greatness. Inigo and Fezzik had returned!

It was Twitter that turned the corner.

I liked Twitter. I really did. It was a way to follow comedians, sports reporters and other bloggers and know what was going on prior to stories hitting websites. I followed a few friends, but for the most part kept my focus on the other groups for entertainment.

I’m not sure when it happened, but somehow we (myself included) lost our veil of civility online. I’m not talking about trollers and general internet commenters, I’m talking about friends talking to each other. When I meet with my friends in person, I’d like to think we all have a good time. We kick each other in the balls, we make jokes, we tell stories, it’s a good time. We don’t sell things to each other. We don’t intentionally annoy each other. We aren’t deliberately malicious to each other.

Somehow with the advent of Twitter,the tables turned. Now, when with friends, everyone spends the entire time looking at their phones. They’re not conversing with each other, they’re Twittering with people who aren’t there or sometimes with the person next to them. Rather than telling friendly jokes, we’re spamming each other, checking-in, and telling each other “you should totally check this out” sales pitches. I don’t even want to hang out sometimes because what’s the point? I’m basically talking to the crown of everyone’s head because their staring at their phones.

I know everyone thinks I’m calling out Bear for his ChevySMC nonsense, but I think that, for me, was just the breaking point. For all intents and purposes, I should be happy for the guy, after all, one of my good friends won a friggin’ iPad, and that’s pretty fucking sweet. But, after the spamming on Twitter and the, oh so classy, “I won the iPad bitches” text message, I was angry. I was angry because it felt like someone valued winning a toy over keeping a good relationship with their friends. And then I got angry at myself, why the hell am I getting upset? It’s Twitter – who the hell maintains a relationship on social media?

But don’t we? When’s the last time I’ve actually had a conversation with my friends? Been awhile. We excuse ourselves with the occasional tweet or Facebook post as though that’s somehow the way to maintain a friendship. Sure, you’ll argue that I don’t come out anymore. It’s a fair argument, but it isn’t like anything is stopping me. I just notice that when we do come out and join everyone, all I see is everyone on their phone, heads down with their thumbs in a tornado (“Is THIS the only way I can talk to you, Dad?” ). Why do that when I can relax at home?

So…now what? Consider this my last post, for good this time, from this blog and the end of my using Twitter.

I’m sure I’ll get called a pussy by this person or that because I’m worried about what anyone else thinks or I’m getting upset because someone said something mean to me. Maybe I’m a hypocrite who does fine in doing a Waldorf/Statler impression, but when I have to actually interact, I keep my trap shut. Maybe I am a pussy, a hypocrite or just an person who doesn’t get new technology and how people communicate today. Either way, I can’t really think of anything positive with my friends and my relationships that’s happened with Twitter or this blog. I have a laundry list of negativity, hypocrisy and all out stupidity that has come from it.

Big may post here again, but I think now that he knows I’m done, he’ll retire because he was pretty much done as it was. I was the one responsible for dragging him back in. We’ll leave the URL and site up because I still use the link tree on the side. For those that I know, I’ll see you when I see you. For those that I don’t, I’m happy you came by our little corner and read what we had to say. It has been a great 3 years writing and sharing thoughts with everyone, but I think we’ve run our course.

Big's Response

"I was angry because it felt like someone valued winning a toy over keeping a good relationship with their friends. And then I got angry at myself, why the hell am I getting upset? It’s Twitter – who the hell maintains a relationship on social media? "

I couldn't have said it better. The relationship that I have with social media is definitely a love-hate relationship. Parts of it are fantastic, the ability to follow people of whos opinions I value, to be the entertained or learn from them, is such a great thing. the ability to follow events in real-time, is something I didn't expect but come to thoroughly enjoy from twitter.

But there are some bad uses of social media, and they do become the turn in the punch bowl. It's my fear that those who do use it poorly will drive away people like Brown.

As for the blog? I think it's best that we put it this way, don't expect new content all the time, if there's ever something we feel we want to write about we have space for it, right here at the big and the Brown.

Treat us like the sugar sheet, the site we link to. they don't post everyday, hell they don't post every month but when they find something interesting and they think that their readers would enjoy it they post it.

That's what we've become. So come check back with us every once in a while, maybe we'll have some new content maybe we won't.

And if Brown is really done, it's been fun. I'm glad we could share our insane, heated, sports conversations with people outside of us. maybe they enjoyed it, maybe they didn't, but I know I sure did. cheers.



James said...


I hope you may reconsider your early retirement. I have enjoyed learning more about your personality and who you are. My opinion is that we all have less time to hang out the older we get. In addition, gas prices are making more people not want to drive as much. I suggest taking a brief vacation from the blogs. Maybe you will come back refreshed with some hot opinions. Either way your thoughts have kept me entertained and for that I thank you.

Bear said...

I have said my peace personally, or as personal as an email can be. Maybe by this post I should send flowers along with a singing telegram.