Monday, March 7, 2011

Catching up

First off, did you like that ruse I pulled to get Big back?  I hope you did.  I’m gonna get that large man blogging again regularly whether he likes it or not. Admit it, it felt good, didn’t it? 

Anyway, I was out of town last week travelling and under water all weekend, so I missed out on a lot of things.

1. Charlie Sheen. 

Wow.  I refuse to believe any of this is legit. I think he and CBS knows how much Two and a Half Men is lampooned by everyone for being a shitty show that caters to the lowest common denominator and that watching that show regularly is akin to having brain herpes.  I think they crafted this elaborate ruse to rope the cynical viewer in so as to capture all audiences.  All of the stupid people who were already watching will continue watching, everyone else will tune in to see how Chuck Lorre writes himself out of this one.  Combine that with an inevitable book or movie coming out with Charlie Sheen – VIRAL MARKETING ALERT!

Anyway, it’s entertaining as hell, but I don’t buy it for one second.  People are already getting tired of “winning” and “tiger blood”.  The shtick will die when it turns into the next SNL bit and everything will return to normal.

2. Spring Training

Spring training has sprung.  We’re all watching the Rangers with baited breathe.  Will they do a good job?  Will Michael Young turn to cancer? Can CJ hold up the rotation?  Will Colby repeat?  Will Neftali Feliz make a good starter or are we “Joba Chamberlain-ing” him?   Kind of good to hear baseball be at the top of everyone’s sports brains in Dallas in March.  Great for the Rangers, but the Mavs are getting kind of ignored, which sucks.

3. Pluckers opened near me.

Not really much else to say, short of the fact that my wife and I are already regulars. 

Anything else?  No?  Good.  Talk to you tomorrow. 

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James said...

Check out SNL from this weelend. They did a good Chuck Sheen bit.