Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yes, it’s snowing…I can see that.

It’s snowing outside.  I’m so very happy that you felt the need to tell me that.  Please, update your Facebook wall and your Twitter feeds with messages and pictures, not necessarily informing everyone of what this is doing to your day or how it affects them, please just let me know “it’s snowing outside”. 

I don’t have windows in my house.

I don’t have properly functioning ears that were woken up by sleet at 3 am.

I don’t have a dog who’s afraid of his own shadow that decided to barrel into our bed and wedge himself in between me and my wife so he could sleep when he heard thunder.

Matter of fact, I woke up at 6 am, showered, shaved, put on some clothes and casually walked into the garage.  It was a good thing I check my phone to see people telling me that it snowed outside.  Such wonderfully informant friends I have.

Ahh, I’m just fucking with you.  It’s a snow day, and they’re rare as a three ball elephant (walk him and pitch to the rhino!) down here.  Take pictures and enjoy it. 

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