Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day.

I hope that’s doesn’t constitute underage content

So, today is Valentine’s Day.  I’m more convinced now, as a married man, that Valentine’s Day is something that has been created for single people that are dating.  I tell my wife I love her everyday and do something romantic once a day (I’ll wipe the toilet seat with my sock, put the seat down or spray air freshener…WITHOUT REMINDER!) so the fact that there’s an entire day devoted to that is preposterous. 

So, why do we have Valentine’s Day?  Well, there’s the obvious case that “Hallmark totally created this holiday because it wants to boost sales.  I mean, this day is better known for a massacre and has nothing to do with romance.”  We get it, no one asked you out in high school.  Honestly though, why does this holiday exist and who celebrates it?

Two reasons:

For men: single women hate Valentine’s Day.  Given the ambiance of the day and décor, women are bombarded by the fact they are single and don’t get to “enjoy” the festivities.  Prime. Hunting. Time.  I’d argue more ugly men get laid on this weekend compared to any other time because women are desperate and will look past a gut (OR PERHAPS HE’S PREGNANT!?! BEAR = SOCRATES)  and they’ll end up taking a guy home and getting cupid’s arrow put all up in her valentine.

For women: men who are playing free agency hate valentine’s day (note the difference between this and single. these are guys who are dating a woman, but aren’t really that serious about it. I believe in common vernacular this is “talking” to someone) . it’s like being franchised by an NFL team. The guy doesn’t want to be locked down, but the woman can apply the pressure of a Valentine’s day to lock him down for another solid month or so.  No guy, at least in his right mind, is dickish enough to dump a woman on Valentine’s Day.

Either way, Valentine’s Day is like any other day of the year that’s been designated as a “holiday”.  It’s a simple time for you to look at the person you’re with and remind them what they mean to you. We take for granted how day-to-day our routines become and the people we interact with.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be specifically for your significant other. If you step back, look at your daily life and really think about the one or two people who you interact with every day and have a positive impact and make you feel good about something, THAT Is the person you should take a special second and tell them Thank You.  If it’s someone close enough, just tell ‘em you love them, you don’t have to propose…(make sure you know them, don’t tell the coffee barista you love them, they frown on that.) 

Point is, don’t look at the day as some uber-sappy, “make you feel bad for being single” type holiday.  Just find the people that make you happy, let them know what they mean to you and tell em you appreciate them being there. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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