Thursday, February 17, 2011

This anti-bullying thing has gone too far.

I’d say talk about this subject has died down, but I don’t know if it really has or not.  Seems like you can’t see a headline on the news now a day without some kid killing themselves over being bullied in school.  Movie, music and television industries came together for an “it gets better” campaign to let kids know that bullying stops and things get better.

Any of this ringing a bell?

Well, given the proliferation of the Gaga and shows like “Glee”, I feel like people have gone a bit overboard on the bullying thing.  (Side note on “Glee”: it’s been on the air for 2 seasons. The show has had 113 songs on the the Billboard Top 100. That breaks Elvis’s record. No original songs. Breaks Elvis Presley’s record. Think about that. Check your blood pressure. Exactly.)

It’s come to a point now that people are hiding behind the word “bully” or “bully-ism” as often as people who use “racist” and “racism” as a defense.  Let’s get one thing straight, there’s a HUGE difference between the two, and anyone who tries to equate them is dealing with an extreme case of one (bully) or eye-rolling case of the other (racism).  I do feel somewhat qualified because I’ve experienced both.  You don’t grow up in a small town in Texas as an Indian guy without hearing some racism and you don’t have greasy hair, coke bottle glasses and a pube-stache for 17 years without getting bullied in school.  Shocking, I know.

You might remember hearing the story of the “fight” between “Glee” creator, Ryan Murphy, and Kings of Leon member…um…King Leon. (Another side note on “Glee”: Ryan Murphy created “Nip/Tuck”, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen that pushed every boundary possible on television. Now he’s doing “Glee”.  Le sigh.)   (Side note on Kings of Leon: I do not like them.)   Anyway, King Leon said that Murphy couldn’t use the song “Use Somebody” on the show, and Murphy unleashed a tirade about how King Leon didn’t support a show that was going to end bullying, which only mean that King Leon was a bully himself.

What?  Isn’t this on par with John Wiley Price screaming “racism” at the term “Black Hole”?  Let’s get a grip people and save the terms for when they actually need to be used.

Look, I get it. Due to the proliferation of the internet and cell phones and the decreasing intelligence of people, kids set themselves up for ridicule and embarrassment.  Thank God, You Tube wasn’t around when we were in school else god knows what shit I’d still be cover my eyes about.  Still, I don’t think that kids teasing and mocking kids has gotten any worse than it ever was.  Maybe I’m wrong, after all I haven’t stepped foot in a school in a long time (insert joke here).   

Cards on the table, I had an idea where this post was going, but it kind of fizzled and died.  I think you can grasp what I’m going for here.  Stop overreacting with the term “bully”.  Kids are generally ass holes, so they’re going to be ass holes to each other.  Glee will be the downfall of our society.  Kings of Leon sucks.  Thank you and God Bless America!

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