Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We’ll protect everyone’s voice…except Conservatives

You’ll find none here.

Look, I’m not looking to start a political war here.  My political beliefs are about as moderate and down the middle as it gets.  On some things I’m all the way right, on others I’m all the way left.  What I’d like to think is that I apply logic and thought to each of the topics and develop my OWN opinion rather than just listen to Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann, John Stewart or Rush and take it as the gospel.

However, given the tragedy in Arizona, I noticed something coming from the squawking heads on the left.  (When I say that, I don’t just mean Olbermann and Maddow, I’m mean comics, celebrities, hippies, Gawker, you name it) was that they immediately started blaming the tea party, conservatives, Rush and Sarah Palin. 


Aren’t these the same people who beg and plead with conservatives NOT to blanket blame of Islam and Muslims for 9/11 and other terrorist attacks?  Why is it okay for one side to blame a group of people for a tragedy and then scold that group for blaming someone else?  I’m not equating the Arizona tragedy with 9/11, so don’t jump to that conclusion.  What I’m saying is, when did it become okay for you to blame one set of thoughts, but scold others for blaming a set of thoughts? 

Can’t we all agree that this dude was just bat shit insane?  I’m not calling for gun control to change.  I’m not saying that a map of “targeted constituencies” goaded someone to actually target a constituency.  I’m not even blaming a failing health care system for not catching a crazy person.  All I’m saying is, this Loughner kid was crazy.  Period.  There isn’t a political spin to it. 

So, even for you non-politcos out there, don’t take this tragedy and start assigning blame because you feel like you need a logical reason for why things happen.  Shit happens and it happens without a reason or justification.  That’s life.  We should mourn those who were killed.  We should ask ourselves what can we do better to help prevent bad things from happening.  We should also take a moment to be rational and apply thought when things happens that we can’t imagine.

FYI, no post tomorrow morning as I’m out of town on business.

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