Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The State of the Blog

Mr. Speaker, the Vice President of The Big & The Brown!

Fellow blog readership.  I first want to say that the state of our blog is strong.  We’ve put out more posts in the past 3 weeks then we did all of 2010 and the end of 2009 combined.  I’d like to thank Big for working with me to find a bi-partisan way to post to this blog without letting our petty, political squabbles get in the way.  (He’s pro-nice, I’m pro-angry…it’s like abortion without the teenagers and hangers)

It is my goal that has been set for this blog that we will average no less than 5 posts per week.  There will be times where this is easier than others.  There will be times where this is impossible because there is no internet available, but it is my commitment to you, the readership, to deliver on the promises that you deserve.

However, this blog is a blog of the people, and it can’t survive and grow without you. If we are to leave this blog in the hands of future generations, we must leave it in better shape than in which we have found it.  This means MORE dick jokes, MORE angry posts and MORE YouTube videos from Big.  We can do our part, but the onus (the anus?) also falls on you, our fair readership. 

We must put aside such petty differences as you not being funny and me being fucking hilarious.  We must put aside our egos and recognize that I am the greatest writer this side of Shakespeare.  We must be willing to accept that if you took those last 2 sentences literally, then you are extremely stupid and shouldn’t read this blog for fear of bruising your brain.  It means that YOU must provide feedback to US and let US, your writers, know what we can do to make this blog better for you.  It means more comments, more emails, and more tweets.  If you have an idea, write it up and send it in.  If it isn’t funny, we’ll send it to Bear, that’s what his blog is for.

Our blog is back and I firmly believe that it is stronger than ever.  Big and I have agreed to put our political differences behind us (until his back is turned, then I’m going to hit him with a chair…REVENGE!) to make our contributions better for you, the reader.  I now charge you to share your thoughts with us, share your dreams with us and share your anus with us…let’s make the biggest Human Centipede that’s ever been!  God Bless America and God Bless The Big & The Brown!

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