Friday, January 7, 2011

Man, does this guy just hate everything?


I tend to get that question asked a lot of me, and the answer is, mostly.   I do like things, my wife, my dog, sandwiches, Star Crunch, lamp…but let’s be honest, you don’t want to read about that.  Hell, even Big calls me out on it now and then.

There’s nothing entertaining about being happy. Admit it, if this blog was chock full of me saying things like: “you know what’s great?  Being in love.”  You’d vomit all over your computer, come find me and give me a wedgie.  Then you’d think that this was one of the most un-entertaining blogs on the internet (you might already think that…check that, you do think that based on our page views.)  

When’s the last time you heard a comic on-stage say “I love puppies. And hugs are great too.”?  You haven’t, because it isn’t funny and it doesn’t really get you laughing.  Most people laugh at people bitching about stuff because its most likely things you also are annoyed by and can appreciate people cracking jokes at it. 

If you think I’m being negative or hypercritical, its because I know that those are the kind things that people actually find somewhat comical.  I could rip off posts about how great my wife is or things my dog does that make me smile, but it might be quite the geigh post, no?   

So, we’ll try and pepper in a few positive posts and more comedy-driven posts like Big’s “explain a rap song” or caption contests, but yes, for the most part, this is going to be a forum for my bitching about things because, god damn it, that’s how you like it.  When Big gets back, we’ll go back to sunshine and daisies, until then, embrace your hate and come to the dark side.

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