Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Win Awards in Hollywood…


It’s easy, just make a movie or TV show about gay people during the Holocaust.

Ok, even I admit that’s a terrible joke that probably deserves a rim shot/slide whistle/gong noise after it.

I was watching the the Golden Globes last night, and couldn’t help but roll my eyes every single time that the show “Glee” won something.  (I could throw the movie, “The Kids are All Right”, into this post, but I hadn’t heard of it before last night, let alone seen it.)   It has nothing to do with gay people, I just feel like it’s not a good show. 

I saw the first season/half-season of the show because I was a huge “Nip/Tuck” P1, so I was willing to watch it if Ryan Murphy was involved.  Thing is, I really liked that first season of the show.  It actually had a solid series of interwoven plot lines, plot lines that were dark if not eyebrow raising for a network show.  It also managed to intermingle music in a pretty damn good way that kept you interested…way better than that “Viva Laughlin” show ever did…anyone? anyone? 

However, I think the show was ruined by its own success and by its own fans.  Glee’s fan base is made up of Oprah fans, young teenagers and gay people.  Let’s not mix words here, that’s God’s honest truth.  Nothing about that demographic says that they should’ve continued with the story lines they had, they all pointed to, crank up the tuneage and focus on the gay kids.  That makes perfect business sense, and I’ve got no problem with it, hence I exercised my option to no longer watch the show.

I’m not trying to say that everyone should think like I do (stop shaking your head), but come on, critics need to slam on the brakes with this show.  “Glee” was up against the following: “30 Rock”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Big C”, “Modern Family” and “Nurse Jackie”.    First of all, where the hell was “Community” on that list?  Shit, what about “Archer” or you know well written or well acted shows that legitimately make people laugh?  Taking the oversights out, how the hell do you take “Glee” over “Modern Family”?    It’s obvious that the HFPA doesn’t really know a whole lot of what it’s doing (Not having “Sons of Anarchy” or “Justified” be nominated is a god damned shamed…though Katey Sagal winning was a nice touch), but it just seems like shows that should get critical acclaim get passed up (and sometimes cancelled) because shitty shows with cookie cutter approaches to high value demographics win out.

Maybe I’m just showing my super indie side, and I’m a closet hipster who totally knows what’s good and what everyone else likes sucks.  Let’s just hug each other, be happy and make a gay holocaust movie.  I want to have my red carpet wardrobe malfunction.

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