Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For the record, I was right

About 3 years ago, I wrote this post right here on this blog, and in it, you’ll notice the following line:

“And here's another hot sports opinion about Jessica Simpson: Not. That. Great. If you want to find a large breasted, man-face having girl who can't sing well and has an over bearing father, go to Baylor's campus any day of the week. It had to be said.”

That line of mine (RHYME!) drew this comment from our favorite commenter, Gerry Dorsey:

“disclaimer: this post was written by a bitter cowboys fan who watched his boys lose to an inferior team with home field in the playoffs still on the line. jessica simpson IS in fact smokin' hot and although she got way too much face time, she did deserve at least a little bit of it. please direct your anger at fox as it was not her fault they kept focusing on her sweet, sweet rack. thank you.”

Gerry, I’m going to give you the floor and ask for an apology and retraction from you now that she’s proven that she’s the real-life version of Kendra from “The Cleveland Show”

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gerry dorsey said...

first of all, let me say "holy shit." suddenly there is so much posting on here i can't even keep up.

secondly, i will not apologize sir. i stand by my statement AT THE TIME. sure we can all agree she a beast now, but c'mon. if you weren't willing to climb all over that in the tony romo days than you're operating at a standard i can't even fathom. i say the real credit here goes to romo. way to strap on that life preserver and jump off of that quickly sinking ship.

and third, you forgot to quote the rest of my highly insightful comment from that post. and i quote, "rich rod is making a mistake. mark it down." you're welcome.