Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is this another comeback post? Looking back and looking forward.

Cool Dog says, “come on in and make yourself comfortable”

I know what you’re thinking, here’s another “we’re coming back” post from Brown about how he’s going to start posting more, and then he’s just going to go back to not posting anything and retreat to the fortress of solitude.  Probably…

But, here’s what I am going to promise you.  I’m gonna try to re-launch this puppy next year.   Big may or may not be on board, that’s purely up to him.  I’m sure that most of our readers (all 5 of them) have stopped even coming here, but maybe this will be a chance to bring them back.  I dunno, we’ll see. 

Looking back…

We started this blog when sports blogging was really coming into its own.  Newspapers didn’t really have recognized bloggers, Deadspin was one or two years old, TBL was independent, the KSK boys just bloggers rather than authors, and Mottram was running FanHouse.  We had this great idea that we would join the fray, establish ourselves and become a Dallas sports blog.   That was answered with a resounding, “Meh”.  We could barely get our friends to read this fucking thing, let alone strangers.  Sure, we had our fair share of regulars, Gerry Dorsey, Dave from the Dream Shake, Bear, Nasty, Bizzle, Sherpa and so forth, but our biggest day was getting maybe 50 hits and being invited to blog on a SN Mavericks blog.  Not exactly a hot spot on the web.

I think that’s where we petered out and died. (I keep saying “we”, but I have no idea what Big thinks of any of this.)   We weren’t getting any hits, any interactions and life kind of took over.   Our love of sports hasn’t gone astray.  Our thoughts and opinions haven’t changed, we just haven’t written down anything.   Shit, in the time this place has been dormant, I’ve changed jobs twice, gotten married, gotten a dog and beat Mother Nature to the punch by shaving my head.  See?  Life’s taken over. 

So, now what? 

This blog is coming back.  At least at 50% (me).  It isn’t going to be wholly sports focused, I may go weeks without a sports post.  I’m going to make this blog a personal thought dump of sorts.  I’m not going to share intimate, deep thoughts or any of that shit, but, as I’ve always done, I tend to observe the world around me in my own way, and if I don’t express that, then I tend to go nuts.  The wife is getting tired of my random non sequiturs, so I figured this is an ideal location.

You can follow us (me) on twitter at for updates, or just bookmark this site and keep your eyes open.

If you liked any of the stuff that you read here before, then know that it’s coming back.  If you didn’t, well you probably stopped reading anyway, so you’re not reading this.

So, here’s to 2011 and the re-launch of The Big & The Brown on 1/3/2011…won’t you join us? 


PS: I really can’t speak for Big, so if you were reading this blog for his entries, you should send him an email or something.

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gerry dorsey said...

i seriously haven't clicked on the blog in like a year, so i click on it today, and i'll be damned. not only a post, but a mention of ol' gerry. welcome back...if you mean it. i'll keep an eye out.