Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well, that was quite a sabbatical, now, wasn't it?

Sup, bitches?

Big alluded to it, and now I'm delivering on it. We're back, new and improved, TB & TB 2.0.

I wouldn't be looking for a dearth of posts, or for us to really honestly branch out and over-contribute. I loved the idea that a real site like MavsMoneyBall asked us to contribute, and I really hope that Wes and Phillip will allow us the occaisonal guest post here and there, but I don't think that a serious forum is where we fit.

I still use the twitter account, occasionally, so you're welcome to follow that. Big uses his own account now, but that's his personal thing, so you'll most likely be dealing with me on that front.

So, after my torching of the bridge in the last post, what all happened?

Easy. I got a dog. I got engaged (to a real girl!). I got a new job (Ladies, I'm on the main stage at Master Blaster on Wednesday mornings!). I got a new car (They still make the Pinto, you just have to look.). Basically, I traded in my shit hole of a life and got one worth waking up in the morning for. Cliched? Sure. Awesome? You're god damned right it is.

So what to expect in this new version of your favorite site?


I've never been a fan of really in depth statistical breakdowns. I've also never really been a fan of taking on hot button issues. I'd like to think that Big and I are fans, and just that. What you read here are the thoughts of two guys who try to cram as much sports as they can in their tiny little brains.


Did you know there's a rival promotion on Monday nights now? Did you know it consists of people we haven't seen wrestle since we were in high school? Do you like really pale Irish gingers?


Things happen that make me laugh. I'm going to share them. For example, I farted the other day on the couch, startled the dog who looked at me in disgust and he walked over to the other room and laid down on the carpet. My lady is teaching him things, obviously.

So, re-load your bookmarks, sexy readers, the boys are back.

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