Friday, April 23, 2010

First Round Thoughts, now with more Big!

I actually didn't think I was very geeked up about this year's draft. It took about 5 seconds of turning on the NFL Network for that to change. I was in like a kid watching his first Cinemax late night movie. Just waiting and watching for my first set o' titties.

As for the NFL Network, I thought the coverage was great. Mayock is the best there is, and even though you've got 5 guys on set, and Deion and LaCanfora reporting, it didn't seem overdone and intrusive. My only issue was Michael Irvin. Between he and the Ricky Smiley morning show, black people will never advance beyond shitty stereotypes.

Big - I'm going to piggy-back brown here, as I didn't want to do another breakdown, would have redundant.

On to the picks...

1) St. Louis - Sam Bradford, QB. Brown - I'm a Texas guy, but forget that for a second. Bradford is overrated. Period. He hasn't played in a long time with injuries to his throwing shoulder. Poke and prod all you want to, he isn't right. This reeks of Jacksonville taking Boselli and his crappy shoulders and them hoping he'd get over it. Bradford looked good against swiss cheese defenses when he played. He was destroyed by Texas and Florida. St. Louis had to make this choice though.

Big - I like this pick a little more than Brown, while I am worried about Bradford's injury's, his ability to take snaps from center, and lack of playmakers in St.Louie, I think he is the "safest" best at QB in this draft. STL needed a QB, for better or worse, Bradford is theirs for the next 4 years.

2) Detroit - Ndamukong Suh, DT. Brown - Oh, what a perfect pick for Detroit. Just fantastic for Jim Shwartz. Pairing him with Kyle Vandenbosch is going to give Detroit a pass rush they haven't seen since Jerry Ball was anchoring that line.

Big - Best player in the draft. Going to a 4-3 team, which he will be best in. If detroit can get some o-line help, and Stafford can continue to get better, they won't be picking in the top 10 much longer.

3) Tampa Bay - Gerald McCoy, DT. Brown - In my eyes, McCoy was the only Oklahoma guy worth of the praise given. Tampa wanted the Sapp 2000, and I think they got him.

Big - The top 3 picks have been almost set in stone for the last month, and for good reason, STL needed a QB, Det had to take Suh, and McCoy fits Tampa perfectly. If I were Tampa brass I would send a nice fruit basket to STL, saying thank you for picking a QB, so that one of the stud, first teir DT's would fall to them, which was their biggest need by far.

4) Washington - Trent Williams, OT. Brown - This was a stupid pick. Williams is so overrated as a tackle. See how Bradford was destroyed when he faced real defenses? Yeah, not exactly the blind side protection you're dying for. Not to mention Williams looks like a payday player, not a football player. He's a zone protection guy, so we'll see if Shanahan teaches him to cut block.

Big - Biggest bust potential of the top 10. I understand why Shanahan didn't want Okung, not his type of O-linemen, but Williams after the season was a guy who was going some where after 20, and he didn't even really have a great combine or pro day, but he still rose up boards, and now is the first OT taken. Maybe it will work, We both doubt it.

5) Kansas City - Eric Berry, S. Brown - For my money, the best player available. Ed Reed 2000. I think if KC was smart, they'd have gone with Okung, but you can't go wrong when a packaged gift shows up on your doorstep.

Big - Love the pick. Kansas City has been searching for a defensive Identity and leader since Derrick Thomas. It wasn't Derrick Johnson, it wasn't Gleen Dorsey, it might be Eric Berry. I really didn't think they would pass on Okung, but i'm not going to blame them for picking the 2nd best player in the draft.

6) Seattle - Russell Okung, OT. Brown - Okung is a beast on the line, and he's the aggressive o-lineman in the mold of Joe Thomas. Pete Carroll made a great pick here as Walter Jones is on his last breathe and he needs to re-build the offensive line to protect whoever is going to take snaps.

Big - I did about 100 mocks, every time I said when picking Seattle, "They would love it if Okung fell to them to replace Walter Jones, but I don't see how it will happen." Then the Redskins decided to go with a RT in Williams, and THEN KC went Berry, so here they are with the best OT in the draft, and they didn't have to give up anything to get it. Lucky, but sometimes its better to be lucky than good.

7) Cleveland - Joe Haden, CB. Brown - This pick basically made me say, meh. It's not the worst idea, it gives Cleveland a nice pair of corners with Wright and Haden. This team needs everything, though...I halfway expected Holmgren to stock pile.

Brown - This was the first debate that me and the draft sherpa had when we started looking at the draft, he said they would go ILB McClain, I thought Haden was the better choice. Either way they would have been well served, but looking at Holmgrens past (and dont' get it worng, he turned Green Bay AND Seattle into a continders, he will do the same with the Browns) he likes to have shut down guys, and so does Mangeeeeeeneee.

8) Oakland - Rolando McClain, ILB. Brown - Big and I had the same reaction. "Wow, Al Davis made a smart pick". McClain is a great pick to captain the defense, that is a little underrated in Oakland. We were all thinking Bruce Campbell or Bulaga or something. This was a smart pick...maybe Oakland realized they aren't good.

Big - I was totally waiting for Bruce Campbell or CJ Spiller, but like Brown said, Al Davis did what he does best, shockes us, this time by making a good pick. McClain is like Patrick Willis in San Fran, a very solid player that sometimes get overlooked because he won't get sacks or picks, but every week he will have double digit tackles and just make the denese a better unit as a whole.

9) Buffalo - C.J. Spiller, RB. Brown - In a world of platoon running back corps, I think picking a running back in the top 10 isn't really the best idea unless you have no one. If you can't open holes, and you can't throw, the defenses can stack the box and you aren't moving. That being said, an RB corp of Lynch and Spiller is a nice one-two punch of speed and power.

Big - I don't get this pick at all. They have Beast Mode (Lynch), and a guy who out preformed him last year in Freddy Jackson. Now they add C.J. to those guys. Don't get me wrong, I love Spiller and I think he is a home run hitter that can be a mold between Reggie Bush and Percy Harvin, but with a team that has SO many holes, this doesn't make you very much better. Its like making a good sandwich, you need a lot of different good parts to make a great sandwhich, you need good bread that will hold the team together (O-line, D-Line), a good meat in the middle (QB), a good type of cheese that comlements the meat (RB's, WR), good fixings like tomato, lettuce, pickles and the like (LB's, Corners), and then you can add condements to taste (KR, explosive back, Kicker). right now the Bills are feasting on baloney on white bread, with a shit tone of arby sauce.

10) Jacksonville - Tyson Alualu, DT. Brown - Stupid stupid stupid pick. Jacksonville needed to make a splash for a few reasons. A) They have nothing in the cupboard and B) They need to sell tickets. An end who, admittedly, can blow off defenders and get to the QB is nice, but Alualu isn't a game changing end. This was a wasted pick at 10. Either pick the ticket seller or trade and stockpile.

Big - As few as a 2 days ago this guy was a third round guy. Now I thought he had crazy value as a 3, and would even have crazy value as a 2, but as the number 10 pick in the draft to a team that REALLY needs to sell tickets? To sell tickets you need to do one of 2 things, either win a lot, or get players that your fans care about watching, Alualu doesn't really help you do either. Good job.

11) San Francisco - Anthony Davis, OT. Brown - This was interesting. San Francisco made the point of saying Alex Smith is their guy, and they're committed to protecting him and opening holes for Gore. Davis was the best OT in the draft outside of Okung (Williams and Bulaga are overrated, you'll see.) I really wanted Dallas to leap up to get him.

Big - The problem with Davis has never been his talent or ceiling, he has the highest ceiling of any OT not named Okung, its that he has a very poor work eithic, and desire. He needed to go to a team who has an intense as hell head coach, and Mike Singleterry is just that. This is a solid pick, not very sexy, but solid.

12) San Diego - Ryan Mathews, RB. Brown - Here's the crazy we were hoping for! San Diego trades up 16 spots to get a running back who can't catch the ball or block. He doesn't have the luxury of sitting and learning behind LDT. Bad pick. Stupid pick. Peter King likes it.

Big - REACH. Biggest surprise of the draft, San Diego who is lacking talent more than any team pciking in the 20's, gives up several picks to get a guy who's value is around 35-50. Good job Norv.

13) Philadelphia - Brandom Graham, OLB. Brown - I was shocked. When I saw the trade, I thought they were moving on Earl THomas. They opted for a run defender who's an average pass rusher. I'm not sure what Andy Reid's strategy is. Jim Johnson was great at using the tools he was given and turning them into good players. Jim Johnson is dead.

Big - Yea, don't like this one either. I thought Thomas was going here too, and with true DE's on the board still (JPP, Morgan), why would you take a guy who most say is best fit with a 34 team as a OLB, not as a DE in a 43. At least it was the eagles makeing the bad pick, good for us cowboy fans.

14) Seattle - Earl Thomas, S. Brown - Pete Carroll had a great first round. Thomas will do well in Seattle paired with Babineaux in the secondary and supporting Trufant on the weak side coverage. This is an immediate upgrade against a shitty NFC West.

Big - Seattle did what i feel most teams don't, take the best player available, with still playing respect to need. Sure, they could have made a bigger splash with Bryant, or JPP, but they looked at their team, said "Man we really need secondary help and o-line help" and they got the best OT, and 2nd best Safety/3rd best Corner in the draft. Well played.

15) New York Giants, Jason Pierre-Paul, DE. Brown - Why do I like this pick? Because Pierre-Paul is going to suck! They wanted McCLain, but Oakland stole him. I don't think NY had a good backup plan, so they went with a Kiper selection. This makes me happy because he'll be a Giant bust (pun intended).

Big - I like this pick more than Brown, but not by much. I'm glad they picked him as a cowboy fan because he has tremendous bust potential, but his physical tools are massive. He could very well be the next Osi, or the next Mamula.

16) Tennessee - Derrick Morgan, DE. Brown - Lots of defensive linemen in the top 20. Morgan is going to be a solid rock of a pass rusher for a defense that doesn't have Haynesworth, Vandenbosch or an alive Kearse. It was a rebuildin move for a porous defense.

Big - 2nd or 3rd favorite pick in the first round. Morgan is a guy who should have been taken in the top 12, as he is the best pure DE in the draft, and most ready to play right now, and he fell to 16, to a team that is in desperate need of a DE. Coach Fisher does the draft right almost always, and this should be no different.

17) San Francisco - Mike Iupati, OG. Brown - The guy I REALLY wanted Dallas to leap up to get. San Francisco is going to have a really solid line in a couple of years. Staley, Davis, Iupati. Young, solid and hungry. The 49ers made a statement that the guts of football is where they were focused. Good stuff.

Big - I bet San Fran really wanted Spiller to fall to them with their first pick, then take best available O-line guy here, when Spiller got snatched up at 9, they went with the best OT left, a smart pick, and then here at 17 to find Iupati still on the board is just to tempting to pass on. I feel they would have liked Earl Thomas here, but he was picked a few picks ago. Frank Gore should be the happiest guy in the world right now, he has one hell of an O-Line.

18) Pittsburgh - Maurkice Pouncey, C. Brown - This was an obvious pick. Pittsburgh needed OL help, specifically at Center, but Poucney can play any of the 3 spots. Better question, can he keep Little Ben away from the bitches?

Big - Pouncey is the guy I though would fall to Dallas a few weeks ago, then he started raising, fast. A center taken in the top 20 is abnormal, but this guy can really play, and Pitt needs somebody to protect their non-rapeing QB when he comes back from suspension for NOT RAPEING ANYBODY.

19) Atlanta - Sean Witherspoon, OLB. Brown - A good pick for Atlanta who needs defensive help. He'll start as a 3rd down rusher, but evolve into a three down starter. Smart and safe pick, can't go wrong with that.

Big - Atlanta needed to go BPA defense, and they did with this guy. Solid pick, smart player, like brown said, can't go wrong with that.

20) Houston - Kareem Jackson, CB. Brown - Another obvious pick to go with CB, but shocking they didn't go for Kyle Wilson. Houston lost Dunta Robinson to free agency, and in their division they have to have coverage people. Jackson is a pure cover corner, which is nice, but I think Wilson would have been better as he can be an island, whereas Jackson will need some over-the-top safety help. Jackson's a chaser corner using his speed.

Big - Right possions, wrong player. Jackson is a 2nd round guy. He is one of those guys that was underrated for so long he became overrated. A lot like a guy who Houston just got rid of, Dunta Robinson.

21) Cincinatti - Jermaine Gresham, TE. Brown - Not a run blocker. Already had ACL surgery. Had a good combine. Good pick? Not really. They'll try and use him like Antonio Gates and Vernon Davis and send him downfield to open up Palmer and the vertical passing game.

Big - I Like the pick. They needed a TE, and Gresham is the second coming of at least Kellen Winslow, but less of a blocker. Be interesting to see how this guy goes from not playing last year to starting in the NFL.

22) Denver - Demaryius Thomas, WR. Brown - I didn't like this pick for Denver. When they kept trading down, I thought it was really smart for McDaniels to use his high picks on Wilson or Kindle and begin to rebuild a shoddy defense that has to deal in the AFC. Yes, they lost Marshall via trade, but this draft is very deep in WR, and they could have used early picks on defense and late picks on stocking the offense....if only we knew what they were planning.

Big - Denver going defense would have been my guess too, with them taking a WR like Thomas in the 2nd, because as i was told by Dever fans, McDaniels' offense is best used with guy who has very little star power, (Marshall, Sheftler, Hillis were all too talented to play in his system). I don't know how it works, but i'm told it does. (it won't, they won't win 5 games next year).

23) Green Bay - Bryan Bulaga, OT. Brown - Anyone suprised by this? Bulaga at 23 is a great pick. Bulaga at 11 would've been a disaster. Aaron Rodgers is thankful for this move.

Big - Green Bay is the lucky one here. Bulaga has top 10 talent, yet 2nd round body, so 23 is perfect for him. Now he if he has to move to RT or Gaurd, its not that bad because you anrn't paying him top 10 money.

24) Dallas - Dez Bryant, WR. Brown - The more I think about it, the more that I like it. It cost them their 3rd round pick, but they did get a 4th round in return. It speaks volumes to Jerry's mea culpa on Roy Williams, and now it gives Tony Romo two aggressive, pass catching game changers in Miles and Dez (great names in a receiving tandem). Not to mention that this fills the void at punt returning. A great pick, with a low cost. Perfect.

Big - At first I was like, Meh, then like brown the more and more I though about it, the more and more I liked it. Austin, Bryant, Witten, Jones, Romo. That is the most explosive offense in the league. If we don't score 25 points a game, I'm finding Jason Garret and snookie punching him (yea we still say snookie punch).

25) Denver - Tim Tebow, ??. Brown - Yeah, find me one person who didn't say "What the fuck?" at this one. Pat Bowlen drafted Tim Tebow to preach to Brady Quinn to stop being one of the gays.

Big - Biggest reach of the first round, but you knew somebody would do it. I didn't think it would be denver, but what ever. Don't expect to see him be the everydown QB for a few years, but he will probalby play the same role he did when he was a freshmen at Florida and Chirs Leak was the everydown QB. He will get time in certain spots.

26) Arizona - Dan Williams, DT. Brown - I'm a little surprised Williams fell this far given the amount of 3-4 defenses being run. Williams is the only solid, pure nose tackle in the draft, and he's going to be an immediate starter and anchor for an Arizona team that will need to play defense given the losses of Warner and Boldin on defense.

Big - Arizona did very well here. Dan Williams was talked about going as high as 8, for the same reason he fell, he is a NT in a 34 deffense. Arizona needed that, and they got it. Good job.

27) New England - Devin McCourty, CB. Brown - I think this was a special teams move for NE. They traded down and stockpiled (surprise), and he'll most likely step in on nickel and dime situations.

Big - Perfect New England pick. They traded down, get some extra picks, take a guy who is falling a bit and has great talent for where you pick him.

28) Miami - Jared Odrick, DT. Brown - Jason Taylor's gone, and Jason Ferguson is old. Parcells knows defense, and Odrick is going to be a great 3-4 end. He can handle the double team and open the holes for the outside rusher.

Big - I bet Miami was really hopeing that Williams fell just a few more picks, because if he did, and they got the guy they would have taken at 12, all the way at 28, that would have been one of the best moves in the first round ever. It didn't happen, but they did get Odrick, a perfect 34 DE. I'm surprised they didn't go rush LB, with Kindle, Hughes, and the like on the board, I guess they are looking at Miso or Bowman in the 2nd.

29) New York Jets - Kyle Wilson, CB. Brown - I guess it plays to the "cant have too many corners" rule. Wilson was the 2nd best corner in the draft, and he'll be in a unique position to not have to contribute from day one. New York has Revis and Cromartie. Wilson has the opportunity to learn the position and speed behind these guys and play in nickel situations. That or Cromartie will switch to saftey and Revis and Wilson will patrol the sidelines.

Big - Best CB in the draft on many boards, Jets are gonna be nasty next year.

30) Detroit - Jahvid Best, RB. Brown - Fantastic pick. Detroit needs a running game, and they got an explosive and quick runner in Best. Detroit has a nice little trio of Stafford, Megatron and now Best. I'm not saying Detroit is a contender, but I don't think they're a joke anymore.

Big - It surprised me when I though about how poor the Lions drafted under Mat Millin just few years ago, and the past few drafts they have really done a good job. Staford, Best/Smith, Johnson is a great troica. Now if they can get 0-line help, they might just be good next year.

31) Indianapolis - Jerry Hughes, OLB. Brown - Again, smart and safe pick. The Colts don't have an outside pass rush, we saw that in the Super Bowl. Jerry Hughes is going to immediately contribute to the Colts defense and you'll see him blowing up Shaub, Young and Garrard all season long.

Big - I don't like Hughes as a DE which is what i think Indy has him pegged as. I was excited to see him as a rush LB in a 34, but as a DE, he is a little undersized. Now he will get a chance to learn under Freeny and Mathis, but i don't care for this pick at all.

32) New Orleans - Patrick Robinson, CB. Brown - Given the age of New Orleans and the "we're the champs, we've got a target" philosophy. This was a solid pick to shore up a defense that was literally signing corners off the street towards the end of last season.

Big - Solid pick. They needed LB's and CB's in this draft, Robinson is the BPA at corner, although he is a bit of a reach. He has great potential, just not a great head.

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