Monday, December 14, 2009

Big's end of the Year Awards - TV

It's the end of the year, and despite our lack of focus on this site, we are still here, and we do still care.

We care so much in fact, that i have once again put together a list of things that you should be excited about, the End of the Year Awards from yours truly, Big.

Today we start with TV

We did this last year as well.

Cable TV. How great are thee. With your channels more than three, and such great picture quality. Its easy to see, that without you I would be, a more contributing person to society.

A poem by Mamma-auk-a-boo-boo-day

It was a so-so year for TV in my book. Had some new stuff that was decent, alot of crap again, but that's to be expected. On to the awards

Best Animated TV Show : The Cleveland Show (Last year, Family Guy)

I understand a lot of people don't like Seth McFarland (Cleveland Show, Family Guy, American Dad), whether it be because his predictable formula for shows (Stupid fat dad, Hot Wife, Kid who is smarter than his age, talking animal), but his humor (which seams to be a mix of pop-culcher references, slap stick, and shock jock) is right up my ally.

Just a quick aside, This season of South Parks was their best in years. Whale Whores, and Go Home Fags, were quick possibly the best stuff they have done in a decade.

Runners up : South Park, Family Guy, Simpsons.

Best Comedy: Tie, Better off Ted and The League. (Last Year: How I Met Your Mother)

Better off Ted

A show that I got into in the early part of this year, about a guy working for a product development big business. There are always 3 or 4 audible laugh moments each week. Glad they brought it back.

The League

Let see, I'm a sports dork with a soft side for Fantasy Football and "Guy" humor. Yea, I liked the league a lot.

Runner Up: Scrubs, Always Sunny, Psych.

Best Drama: Son's of Anarchy(last year SOA)

Might have moved into the top 5 shows of all time in my list with this last season. (Top five right now in no order Simpsons, The Wire, Sports Night, FNL, SOA/Sheild).

Come on, it had Henry freakin' Rollins as a white surprimisest. Greatness.

Runners Up: True Blood, Lie to Me, Friday Night Lights.

Best Reality Show (None)

I will say, the 30 for 30 Docu's on ESPN have been fantastic. As was the WWII in HD the history channel did.

Best New Show I'm sure will get canceled soon. Modern Family (Last year: True Blood)

Modern Family

Its good. The gay guys are funny, Al Bundy is great, and the "hip" dad always steals a segment or two every episode.

runners up: Warehouse 51,

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