Wednesday, September 2, 2009

QB's as considered by Trent Dilfer

D-Nasty, a loyal reader (one of the only ones left), found a nice article on where Trent Dilfer tells us what QB is the shit, and who is just shitty.

Before we get to the meat of it, allow Trent to explain why he done did this.

"fueled by frustration over pundits' repeated failures to acknowledge and appreciate the most difficult position in sports. After studying quarterbacks throughout my career and spending the past year evaluating the position daily, I believe a strong argument can be made that quarterback play today is as good as ever -- and possibly even better."

I tend to agree with him. Not since the late 90's have we seen the NFL so QB heavy.

"I brought up fantasy football in the beginning because the fantasy mindset has skewed perceptions, encouraging us to view quarterbacks through a statistical lens. We have lost perspective as a result. I purposely did not consult a single statistic in formulating the analysis that follows. My playoff notes, end-of-season notes and firsthand knowledge were my guide."

While I like this non looking at stats bit, its smelled a little to much like "I played the game, I never had good stats, but I have a superbowl ring, so I know good QB's."

"If you can take a five-step drop, keep your eyes downfield and deliver the ball while a 300-pound beast is bearing down on you in a big game, you deserve commendation and appreciation for what you do."


"There isn't a bad player on my list, regardless of category!"

Read: Please still talk to me if I end up being wrong about you! PLEASE!

and now to the rankings. He has Brady and Manning in the "ELITE" range, Bree's and Rivers next in the "SUPERSTARS" range, and next is Roethlisberger, McNabb, Eli Manning, Warner, and Hasselbeck in the "STARS" range.

While I don't think Eli and Warner should be here, he most def puts more emphasis on winning the post season than I do. The next tier is "Knocking on the Door," and number one on that list is our very own Tony Romo. Here is what Dilfer has to say about him.

"1. Tony Romo, Dallas

Analysis: Quickest release in the NFL … unparalleled ability to throw from multiple foot platforms, both intermediately and down the field … as artistic as any quarterback in the league, instinctively using all available resources (eye placement, shoulder nods, pump fakes, arm angles, you name it) … can make something out of nothing on a consistent basis … sometimes careless with the football, both in the pocket and through the air … limited big-game success."

That's pretty right on i suppose. Take a look at the article, its a nice read, and at the end the last group of "not bad players" is the NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE range, where you will find Alex Smith, Travis Jackson, and JaMarcus. Not Enough Evidence my ass.

Thanks Nasty for bringing us this.

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