Tuesday, September 22, 2009

“The party passes seems like a good idea…on paper”


That was the final (sober) test message I received from Bizzle on his visit to the disastrous opening of the Death Star on Sunday night.  (His tale is comedic enough as it is involving him riding his bike to the stadium, getting drunk, losing his friends, avoiding a riot and being too short to see the screen, but I’ll leave that for him to tell one day.)

I’m a Cowboys fan.  However, the idea of going to that cluster fuck of a stadium and seeing a game in that monstrosity is the most unappealing concept on the planet.   Just so we’re clear, you’re asking me to spend a minimum of $100 (ticket, transportation, beer, parking, etc.) to watch television because I can’t see the field.

“But it’s something to see!” 

“It’s the Cowboys!”

“Games are fun!”

All valid points.  But what am I paying for, really?  The chance to see a poorly coached team half-ass it through a game while an ego-maniacal psycho sits in his booth in the sky and lords over legions of fans who turn on a dime and are interested for maybe 10 minutes?   Teams aren’t afraid to play here.  Our fans aren’t intimidating in the least.

“How dare you say that!?  I’m a fan, I cheer all game long!”

Yeah, you and all the other people shuttled off to the cattle class of the “party pass”.   The stadium itself just doesn’t appear as though it’s fan friendly.   The stadium is seemingly turning into the AAC during Mavs games, which isn’t a good thing.  

“You haven’t been!”

Yeah, fuck you, that isn’t my point.  The reviews of the 100,000 people who did go seem to paint a good enough picture.  

I’ll tell you what events you should go to if you really want a fan experience that’ll blow your fucking nuts off.  College Football. 

Go to a big program’s stadium on a game day and buy a ticket.  It isn’t corporate, it’s fans.  Sure, you’ve got alumni that are pompous and quiet, but they’re the minority, not the majority.  DKR Texas Memorial Stadium?  It’s considered quiet by college football standards, but it’ll rock your balls off on game day. Ever been to Kyle Field on game day?  Fucking Cult Mad house.  I can’t imagine the scene in Gainesville, Ann Arbor, Columbus, etc.

My point is, when the “common” fans are given the control of the stadium/arena, then the home field advantage is felt, and it’s a fun atmosphere and it’s worth the money that you pay for it. When you’re trying to impress the corporations and the high dollar customer, you become a laughing stock and the opportunity cost of going versus staying at home is not even a debate.


Anonymous said...

i agree 100%. I'd be more than happy to go watch the cowboys if i had free parking, free tickets, and a free skybox with free open bar. otherwise, not worth the headache.

college stadiums are nuts and definitely better. (i.e. last weekend in austin for the UT/Tech game) there was a record breaking 100K people there! it was INSANE...in a good way of course!

Anonymous said...

oh, and if you couldn't tell, that was sarcasm.

j-bizzle said...

fuck that guy...

and i was way beyond sober when i sent that text