Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NFL Rankings, Doing it Big

I tried to do this last year, every week. I wasn't very good at keeping it going. Alas, I'm here again to offer you a slightly modified version from last year. I won't do this every week, but I will try and knock one of these out every once in a while. Its my look at the NFL, and after two weeks, there are some surprises, but that's why they play the game.

NFL Rankings, after week 2

1 New Orleans Saints 2-0 - This was the hardest spot to pick. My first thought was to put Baltimore number one, but looking at everything, the Saints are the most impressive team after 2 weeks. Not only have they put up ridicules offensive numbers, but new DC Jim Johnson(ED. whoops)Greg Williams has turned this defense into "respectable."

2 Baltimore Ravens 2-0 - When you think about Baltimore, you always think about defense, but so far this season, the defense has been the week point. They have allowed 50 points so far in just 2 games. The good thing? Joe Flaco has a 96.1 QB rating, and has thrown for 5 td's in just 2 games.

3 New York Jets 2-0 - Holy crap, the Jets are good. New head coach Rex Ryan has this defense playing like his early 0's Ravens with a league leading 241 yards allowed. You hold teams to field goals like they are doing, and have a QB, rookie or no, that is as efficient as Sanchez is, wins.

4 New York Giants 2-0 - 2-0 already in the hardest division in all of football. Sure you want more than 52 yards per game from Jacobs, but taking this early lead in the division is nice.

5 Indianapolis Colts 2-0 - I would have them higher if they didn't win their first two games by a combined 6 points. Scary stat? They are allowing 176 yards rushing a game. Yeikes.

6 Atlanta Falcons 2-0 - Solid wins over Miami and Carolina. Ryan looks good. So does Turner. Getting Tony Gonzalez in the off season may have added that one piece this team was lacking last year, a go to reviver when you need 4-8 yards.

7 Minnesota Vikings 2-0 - Favre hasn't imploded, AD is running like a freakin' freight train. They have destroyed two very shitty teams. We will find out what this team is made of over the next 2 weeks, when they host San Fran and Green Bay

8 San Francisco 49ers 2-0 - Speaking of San Fran.....They are now also 2-0 in their division. They traveled to Arizona, won, and hosted Seattle, won. Shaun Hill might not blow you away with his numbers, but when you have a back that averages 6.2 yards a carry, and a defense who has held two very good offenses to 16, and 10 points, you don't need to win games with your arm.

9 New England Patriots 1-1 - Yes, they should be 0-2. Yes, Brady has attempted 100 passes in just two games. Yes, Randy Moss has yet to get into the end zone. Yes, trading away their best pass rusher is biting them in the ass. All of those things are true. But this is still New England. This is still Belchick. And they were missing Welker last week.

10 Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1 - If they didn't miss that feild goal, and Tennessee didn't lose to Houston, I would have put them at least in front to New England. They have played the toughest first two games, of any team, and looked good in both for the most part. Troy's injury is proving not only that the madden curse is real, but his presence is being vastly missed on the field.

11 San Diego Chargers 1-1 - Baby Pocket Sproles might be my favorite player in the league right now. He's little, but he's mean. Whats not little is the amount of points the chargers defense has given up in two weeks. 20 points to Oakland? Come on now.

12 Chicago Bears 1-1 - Is Cutlerfucker the saving grace of this once proud franchise? Will Matt Forte do ANYTHING on offense? Is anybody still reading this? I don't really know the answers to any of those questions, but I can tell you that being 1-1 when you play on opening weekend, Sunday night at Green Bay, and host the defending Superbowl champs is pretty good. They go to Seattle, who may not have Hassellquarterback, and then host Detroit. 3-1 is not out of the question.

13 Dallas Cowboys 1-1 - Good things. O Lines has been pretty good, Running game has been pretty good, WR's have been pretty good. Bad Things. Demarcus Ware has 0 sacks. The Defense can't tackle. The Secondary looks as soft as a twinkie. Goodbye wade phillips.

14 Green Bay Packers 1-1 - Looked great against the Bears, held Forte to like 20 yards, then the Bengals and Ced Benson ran all over them. Ryan Grant was supposed to be healthy and ready to take the next step, unless the next step is 107 yards and 3.6 yards per carry, your in trouble.

15 Denver Broncos 2-0 - wouldn't surprise me if they finish 2-14. Fluke win over cincy, and then they beat up on the worst team in the NFL. At some point this season, I'm calling it, we will see Chirs Sims take snaps in Denver. Mark it.

16 Philadelphia Eagles 1-1 - Oh what a diference McNabb makes. Wait, he dosn't play defense. nevermind. Show me Mike Vick!

17 Seattle Seahawks 1-1 - This is a team that I think is due for a bounce back year. Then Hassellquarterback went down. That's not good.

18 Tennessee Titans 0-2 - I'm sure people in Tennessee are freaking out because of their 0-2 start. They lost to 2 good teams, so chill out. Wait, Kerry Collins is still your QB. Continue to freak out.

19 Miami Dolphins 0-2 - After Monday's game, I am openly rooting for Miami. They brought us the WildCat, which everybody thought would be a little bit of fad, team would run in once or twice a game. Not the Dolphins. They love that shit. It's like watching Boise State play Oklahoma every week. Love it.

20 Houston Texans 1-1 - Everybody "watch out for them this year" team got shut down by the Jets, then everybody else who didn't think they were very good said "ha, told ya so." Then they outscored Tennessee and the freakish Chris Johnson last week. Now they are back on the "gonna make the playoffs" kick. Truth is? 8-8.

21 Arizona Cardinals 1-1 - Were they hungover from the Superbowl against San Fran? Not really. San Fran is a decent team. You know who's not? Jacksonville. The offense is still good. Warner is still old. Its going to be dog fight in this division, with the winning team probably having a 9-6 record, and losing to a wild card team.

22 Buffalo Bills 1-1 - MUCH better than I thought they were going to be. The Defense looks pretty good, and Trent Edwards has moved from serviceable QB to a decent one. Big show me something game this week against N.O.

23 Washington Redskins 1-1 - Defense is good. Offense is terrible. They won't win more than 6 games as long as Jason Campbell is their QB. Sam Bradford anyone?

24 Oakland Raiders 1-1 - This team might have something. They have some playmakers on offense (McFadden, Miller, that other WR), and a defense that is very respectable. Problem? JaMarcus Russell looks hideous.

25 Cincinnati Bengals 1-1 - The quintisental "older team trying to make one more run at it." If they don't make the payoffs, look for Marvin Lewis to be gone, Ochocinco to be gone, and another rebuilding process in Cincy.

26 Jacksonville Jaguars 0-2 - People in Jacksonville can't even watch the games on TV because only like 20,000 people are going to the games. Average Team + Shitty attendance = 5-11

27 Carolina Panthers 0-2 - Oh Jake Delhome, what happend? You have a stud running game, good WR's, and a line that is above average, yet you only muster a 45.3 QB rating in your first 2 games. For shame.

28 Kansas City Chiefs 0-2 - I would buy stock in KC if the NFL were the stock market and I had some expendable cash. Will they be very good this year? Probably not. Are they on the uptick though, yes.

29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-2 - I kinda feel bad for Byron Leftwhich. He was thought of as one of the can't miss QB just a few short year ago. Now he is given the starting job in Tampa by default, and is blowing it. He just isn't very good. And neither are the Bucs.

30 St. Louis Rams 0-2 - 2 games, 7 points. Nuff Said.

31 Detroit Lions 0-2 - I would like to congratulate the Lions on not being the worst team in the NFL anymore. Not because they don't suck, They suck big harry balls, but its because the Browns take the gravy train every time they go on the field.

32 Cleveland Browns 0-2 - Oh Brady Quinn. You beautiful bastard. 1 TD in 2 games? Maybe if you played from behind more you would get more chances, oh wait.


gerry dorsey said...

are you insinuating that the saints defense it so bad that it looks like its being coached by a dead man??

their dc is gregg (don't call me greggo) williams by the way.

Big said...

I knew that. Talk about a brain fart.