Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fantasy Football. Help me understand it.

Unlike what my portly blogger friend told you, I don’t feel like I’m better than people who play fantasy football, and I don’t feel like it’s below me.

I just don’t get the fascination.  I mean it.  Everyone I know, damn near everyone I know, follows/plays fantasy football like it is their job/career/life.  Shit, even FX is putting a show together that is wholly based around the concept of guys playing fantasy football.  Part of the Sunday Ticket package is to follow “your players’” statistics. It’s literally, I’d say, as big as the game itself now.

That’s fine, I don’t have a problem with it.  It doesn’t get in the way of my watching football, and it usually leads to some pretty entertaining (yet petty) arguments among my friends that I get to watch from the stands.  However, I just don’t see the appeal.  In my mind, and I swear to God, I don’t mean this in a demeaning way, it’s like Dungeons and Dragons.  A bunch of guys create a fantasy scenario where they "own people” and based on stats of events outside of one’s direct control, the game is played out.

Being so disconnected from fantasy sports, I really have some questions that I’d like answered.  Again, this isn’t to demean anyone who plays fantasy football (everyone), this is really just for me to try and understand why it’s so popular.

Brooks over at SBB has put something similar up, so I’m just going to borrow his questionnaire.

  • Why do you play fantasy sports?
    • To keep up with my favorite players
    • To stay close with distant friends
    • To make money
    • Everyone else does it
    • Other
  • How has fantasy football affected your relationship with your significant other?
    • No change
    • Helped
    • Damaged
    • Not applicable
  • How has fantasy sports affected your relationship with your favorite teams?
    • Added to my love for my favorite team
    • Diminished my love for my favorite team
    • No change
    • I’m a bandwagon fan, so it doesn’t matter
  • Has fantasy football been good for the NFL?
    • Yes, it has increased interest
    • No, it’s just perverted fan allegiances
    • No change
  • Fantasy football _____
    • is here to stay, so you might as well get on board
    • is a fad, and isn’t going to last forever
    • isn’t for everyone

Unlike what you might normally think I’d do, I’m not looking to shit on fantasy football because it’s popular…like I do with Twitter and music.   I agree with Brooks in that I think it’s gotten big not because of people, but because the media embraced it…like betting lines or anal.

By the way, just answer the questions or share a quick comment or two, don’t write a fucking essay response like I’ve asked you about you thoughts on the political climate of the United States. (Yes, Bear, I’m looking at your long winded ass)


Big said...

To stay close with distant friends/Other (the other being i think i would make one hell of a NFL gm, and this is the closest thing i will ever get to it)

Not applicable

No change

Yes, it has increased interest(i care more about games that i wouldn't care about other wise)

is here to stay, so you might as well get on board

Sir Arthur Chillumsworth III Esq. said...

I share your fascination with this trend. A good friend of mine tried to get me on a fantasy soccer website.
I started and then neglected it after two weeks; way too much work for me.

As much as I love all forms of my sport I just can't bring myself to do dungeons and dragons football(soccer).

The ogres keep eating my goalkeepers.