Wednesday, September 9, 2009

College Football Weekly Round Up - Week 1

Oh, football. You came and sat without taking, and then you just walked away, ohhh football.....

Can I explain how much joy it brought me to wake up late Saturday morning to real football, being played for real? I don't know if I can. I really don't know.

Lets jump into the rankings.

Main eventers

No. 1 Florida (win 62-3, Charleston Southern) - Nice Preseason game for the Gators, ran for 369 yards, first test in two weeks vs Tennessee.

No. 2 Texas (Win 59-20, Louisiana-Monroe) - Same as Florida, nice preseason win. First game that even kinda matters is two weeks when they have revenge on their mind and host the Red Raiders.

No. 5 Alabama (Win 34-24, No. 7 Virginia Tech) - I wasn't sure that Bama was going to be be able to replace its stud running back Glenn Coffee, but 150 by Mark Ingram, and 90 by Roy Upchurch against a good VaTech team has me believing that this Bamma offense might be better than last year. They are rewarded with a game against FIU this week, but then have the biggest BCS buster ever coming to their town in two weeks, the Meanest of all Green, North Texas (more on them later).

No. 4 USC (Win 56-3, San Jose State) - Be honest, when you saw at the end of the first quarter that San Jose State had a 3-0 lead, you telling all your buddies "I knew it, USC is going to suck this year!" Well, not so much buddy. The freshmen QB looked pretty good (15-19 233, 1TD), in dropping 56 over the next 3 quarters, but it was the running game that controlled this game, of the guys who helped USC rock 342 yards on the ground, 3 of them had yards per carry over 10.

No. 9 Oklahoma State (Win 24-10, No. 13 Georgia) - I'm not as sold on this OSU team as some people are, but they did look damn good taking care of Georgia this week, and they have the Schedule, that if they run the table, they won't be left out of the title game. If they want that to happen though, they need to get the ball to Dez Bryant more than 3 times though.

Mid Carders

No. 6 Ohio State (Win 31-27, Navy) - Game I woke up to on Saturday, thought the buckeyes looked pretty good, left it at half time when they were up 20-7. Little did I know Navy wasn't done yet. They came back, and almost stole it. I know OSU was looking forward to this week, when they get USC, as they should be. Gonnna be a fun weekend.

No. 9 Penn State (win 31-7, Akron) - There is going to be a trend on the mid Card level here on CFWRU, Penn State will stay right around here, until they play @Michigan, late October. Because that is the first game that should even test these guys. Daryll Clark was good in the opener (29-40 353, 3TD 1INT), but they need to do better on the ground to help him out. 136 yards rushing against Akron isn't going to cut it.

No. 20 Brigham Young (win 14-13, No. 3 Oklahoma) - Well, one week down, and already my Nat Title game is gone. (I had Oklahoma Penn State if you care). BYU, what can be said that you haven't heard or read over 100 times already this week? Yea, no Bradford in the second half, but BYU just looked like a better team. If Max Hall doesn't throw 2 picks, I think BYU could have really run away with this one. (Side note, best part of Saturday? Driving up to Denton sat night along I35, which is the highway to get back to Norman from Dallas. The road was crowed to say the least, and I believe I said "Man, all these cars are driving so slow and look so sad" It was then I realised that the BYU Oklahoma game was played at Jerry World in Arlington. It made me smile)

No. 15 Georgia Tech (Win 37-17, Jacksonville State) - I know its only Jacksonville State, but what would happen if Paul Johnson and his triple flex option ran the table? Hardest games of the year? @Miami in two weeks, home to UNC, VaTech, and Georgia. The want for this to happen is so large right now I'm salivating. Think if all the big boys just drop one game, to another top 15 team, and Penn State and Georgia Tech go undefeated due to weak schedules? I'm openly rooting for this.

Development guys.

No. 14 Boise State (Win 19-8, No. 16 Oregon) - I really thought Oregon would be better than they showed Thursday night, even so that I made a 10 dollar bet on them. Boy was I wrong. Boise controlled the clock (42:32 - 17:28), the running game (164-31), and held the Ducks to 1 or 10 on third downs. Of course all people will remember about this game is LeGarret Blount knocking out a Boise player after the game. Check it.

No. 23 Notre Dame (Win 35-0, Nevada) - I like the Irish this year alot. If they can put away an improved Michigan team week, they will be in my second tier group. Jimmy Clausen was great (15-18 315, 4 TD), and his receivers might be the best duo in the game.

No. 24 Nebraska (Win 49-3, Florida Atlantic) - Not too bad for the huskers of corn. They got a good performance by Helu Jr, (152 on 16), and a D that forced 3 turnovers and only 122 yards rushing. Gonna be fun to see what they can do against Kansas, the favorite to win the B12 north this year.

Big Up to all my Haters award for biggest upset goes to, BYU. Yea, that was well done.

In a note that matters to only me, North Texas has already won as many games this year as they did all of last season, as they beat Ball State 20-10. The highly anticipated first start at QB for Riley Dodge (coaches kid, was supposed to go to UT, decided to save his dads job at UNT), went very well, 22-33 216 1TD 1INT, 12 rushes 73 yards. If they can beat Ohio this weekend, I'm coming for you Dorsey. UNT is going to shock the world when they beat Bamma! Mark it!

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gerry dorsey said...

aaawww...north texas is so cute and cuddly.

seriously though, i watched the north texas game last week, and i think they may have a little something with riley dodge at qb. i'll be pulling for them all year, save for one week obviously. in all honestly, i just hope riley makes it out of tuscaloosa without injury. have you seen the cyborgs on bama's defense?? what's riley tipping the scales at?? about 190?? terrence cody takes 190lb dumps.