Monday, September 28, 2009

College Footbal Weekly Round up - Week 4

Oh JoePa, I'm sorry.

Two things struck me this weekend while watching college football, One, weekend with no "good games" on the schedule almost always become good football watching Saturdays, and two, TB&TB College Round up is starting to gather a Madden/SI like curse for the who i talk about for the first time, and/or put a pic of on top. Sorry Javed Best and JaCory Harris, my bad.

Main Eventers:

No. 1 Florida (Win 41-7, Kentucky) - This one was never close. The end of the first quarter it was 31-0. Tebow ran for 2 more TD's and is like 3 behind the great Hershel Walker for most rushing TD's in SEC history or some such. Something to watch, Tebow took a shot in the third quarter, head got bounced off the turf, took a little ambulance ride to the hospital for a overnight servalence. Insert your own "Tebow rises from the un-opened tomb three days later joke" here.

No. 3 Alabama (Win 35-7, Arkansas) - Yup, I moved Alabama ahead of Texas. Body of work so far. That's the only reason. One of the best analysis of Bamma I have heard all season was said by the play by play guy of their game this week. I'm going to paraphrase it suchly "bamma had one way of beating you last year, pure, over powering brutality. This year they have many ways they can beat you, but they can do none of those things as well as they could just beat you down last year."

Basically he's saying, nobody really knows what kind of team this bamma team is, all we know is that they are good, really good. Like "freaky" good.

No. 2 Texas (win 64-7, UTEP) - Got a text from brown early in this game, "Colt pick six, time to start drinking." While I was pissed he didn't use the "taint" phrase (Touchdown After INT), little did we know, that would be the only points UTEP could muster. At one point late in the game, Texas even put in a white out offense, consisting of all white players. True story. Not even one Mexican.

And to this point in the season, those are the only teams worthy of playing for a national title. Things could change, but when it comes to the big schools, that are still undefeated, that look good enough to be crowned, that's it.

Mid Carders

No. 7 LSU (win 30-26, Mississippi State) - Good things for LSU in this game: they caused 4 turnovers, Bad things: only 263 total yards. Maybe they were looking forward to two weeks when they host Florida, or this week when they go to UGA, but if they can't do a better job of moving to the ball against the gators or the bulldogs for that matter, its going to be a rough couple of weeks.

No. 11 Virginia Tech (Win 31-7, No. 9 Miami (FL)) - It was raining, hard, at VaTech this weekend, so much so that neither team did anything in the air. Combined they had 248 yards passing. The weather, plus a good defense completely took JaCory Harris out of the game. No Harris, no chance for the U to win. So as of right now, VaTech is the best one loss team in the nation, with wins over Nebraska and Miami, and their only loss coming against Alabama.

No. 10 Oklahoma(idel) - Time for the Sooners to prove if they are worthy of being in the hunt with the big boys, they go to Miami this week.

No. 13 Ohio State (win 30-0, Illinois) - Illinois isn't a terrible team, and with Iowa proving that they are somewhat legit, OSU now has one hell of season ending trifecta, @Penn State, home Iowa, @Mich.

No. 14 Cincinnati (win 28-20, Fresno State) - Despite the fact the BearCats only had 57 yards rushing and only had the ball for 16 min, they continue to win. Tony Pike has gone over 300 yards passing in all but one of his games, and has thrown multiply TD's in all of his games thus far, including 300 yards and 3 td's this week. He is your dark horse Heisman, and Cinncy is your dark horse national title game participant. You herd it here first.

Iowa (Win 21-10, No. 5 Penn State) - So sorry Joe Pa, but Iowa has got your number. For the 8th time in 9 years, Iowa has beaten Penn State, this time in happy valley no less. 4 turn overs, a 3.3 yards per carry, and a monsoon was the reason this year. Is Iowa for real? Doubt it, they always beat somebody they shouldn't, but time will tell.

No. 8 Boise State (win 49-14, Bowling Green) There is 0 difficulty on the rest of Boise's schedule this year. Zero.

No. 17 Houston (Win 29-28, Texas Tech) - So they beat Oklahoma lite, now they have knocked off Tech with a TD inside of one min. Time to start the Hype Train. I will say this, Art Briles, now head coach of Baylor, brought most of the guys who are "rocking it" right now, including QB Keenum (38-58 435, 1-1). Says alot about where Baylor might be heading.

Developmental Teams

No. 20 Kansas (win 35-28, Southern Miss) - Another good win for Kansas, and another great game for Todd Reesing (30-41 331 3-1).

No. 15 TCU (win 14-10, Clemson) - another very nice win for TCU, as they knock off a decent ACC school in Clemson. Again they do it with defense, holding the Tigahs to under 200 yards passing.

Auburn (Win 54-30, Ball State) - Don't look now, but Auburn is 4-0 under new head coach (and former fail of Iowa State) Gene Chizic. 560 total yards of Offense will do that for ya most weeks. They get a good little show me game against Tennessee this week.

Big ups to all my haters upset of the week goes to South Carolina proving my theory that No. 4 Mississippi "aint all that great" by beating them 16-10 on Thursday night. When are teams going to stop scheduling road Thursday night games? The road team never wins those. (unless of course you are north Texas"

Speaking of North Texas, I'm afraid we are back to the old Todd Doge ways this week. After a promising win and near win the first two weeks of the season, I thought this team would be different, but alas, the 37-21 loss to Middle Tennessee State Saturday night proved me wrong. You can't let teams rattle off almost 500 yards against you AND Turn the ball over 5 times. Come on now.


gerry dorsey said...

just a heads up, lsu travels to uga this week...florida is in two weeks.

Big said...

you right, its florida's next game, i fixed it.