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College Footbal Weekly Round up - Week 3

Two Heismen Guys you may not know.

I may have OD'ed this weekend. As big of a football fan as I am, I don't think I could ever say that it was possible to watch too much football, but i over the past few days, I may have watched too much football. I went to a high school game Thursday night, and Friday night. I went to watch my beloved mean green kickoff against Alabama on Saturday at 11:30 AM at a local watering hole, and then stayed at said watering hole all day. From kickoff to last play of the west coast games. To top it all off, I spent 10 hours or so watching NFL over at browns house Sunday. (He makes money, he can afford the Sunday Ticket.)

It was quite a weekend. Did i watch too much football? Maybe. Would I do it again this weekend if given the chance? Absolutely.

On to the rankings.

Main Eventers

No. 1 Florida (Win 23-13, Tennessee) - The first semi test for the defending champs, and they passed with flying colors. The defense held the Vols to just 210 total yards, only 93 of which came in the air. They got Kentucky this week, and then travel to Baton Rouge to play LSU in two weeks. That's going to be fun.

No. 2 Texas (win 34-24, Texas Tech) - The 10-3 halftime score surprised me, I don't care how many new players Tech has, holding them to just 3 points in a half is a good thing. We all know the next game that really matter for Texas is Oklahoma, and its not a good sign when a team can come into your house, and pass for over 400 yards like Taylor Potts did in this game, but they have to feel good about allowing just -6 yards rushing. Two weeks of shitty teams (UTEP, Colorado) are the only ones left before the daunting 3 game stretch of Oklahoma, at Missouri, at Oklahoma State.

No. 4 Alabama (Win 53-7, North Texas) - So much for shocking the world. Reily didn't play, and that's a good things, as Bama's D was way to much for Dodge ball. Not gonna win alot of games when you rush for 61 yards. Ohh and on the bamma tip, Greg McElroy can play. The back up Star Jackson (what a crazy good porn name) didn't look to shabby either.

No. 8 California (Win 35-21, Minnesota) - Very Nice win for the Bears. Minnesota came in undefeated just like Cal, but the nations most electric runner, Javeed Best, was just to much. His 131 yards on the ground and 5 touchdowns were ridiculous.

No. 9 LSU (Win 31-3, Louisiana-Lafayette) - I hesitated putting LSU in my top 5, but after Washingotn beat USC, their narrow victory over the Huskers doesn't look so bad anymore. Couple that with them crushing Vanderbilt and ULa-La, and they might be a legit team. They have to travel to Georgia in two weeks, followed by a home game against Florida, so they are going to have a chance to earn it in the coming weeks.

Mid Carders -

No. 5 Penn State (Win 31-6, Temple) - Like I said the last two weeks, they will stay here till they play at Mich in late October.

No. 5 Mississippi (win 52-6, Southeastern Louisiana) - Maybe its Houston Nutt, maybe its because EVERYBODY is picking these guys to be the surprise team out of the SEC this year, but I just can't buy into the hype. Is Jevon Sneed a good QB? Yes. Have they put up points against 2 lesser teams? Big time. But I still don't think when balls are on the wall, these guys are more than a 9 win team. Good? Yes. BCS worthy? Nope. They go to South Carolina this week for the first kinda test of the young season.

No. 10 Boise State (Win 51-34, Fresno State) - If Boise goes undefeated, do they have a shot at the national title? They have proved they could grind it out against a good team with the win against Oregon, and this week they got into a shoot out and just rolled Fresno State. Between the two teams, there was almost 1000 yards of total offense, and over 600 yards running.

No. 20 Miami (FL) (Win 33-17, No. 14 Georgia Tech) - Got a text from Brown on Friday that red, "DO you believe the JeCory Harris hype? At first i didn't know who JeCory Harris was, but that's because in my NCAA10 video game, the online dynasty that I am in with Bear, he is Miami and he did the "generate names" bit, and needless to say, his QB isn't Jecory Harris. To the original question, I do believe the hype.

Miami, who might have the hardest first 3 games out of college in the nation, has now beaten (soundly), Florida State and Georgia Tech. Their reward? Going to VaTech this weekend.

No. 11 Ohio State (Win 38-0, Toledo) - The first one loss team that I've put on my board in part because I think they are better than most teams, but mostly because of the game they played Saturday. Toledo is a trap game of sorts, and OSU just straight up punched them in the mouth. Terrelle Pryor (no relation to Richard, despite the questions at the bar Saturday) is still young, and still has many many flaws, but this super Sophomore showed flashes of why this kid was the cats meow coming out of High School. Saturday he had 262 yards passing, 3 td's and a 2 picks, to go with 112 yards rushing and another TD. If he can become a better drop back passer, OSU will be back at the top of my list pretty quick.

Developmental Teams

No. 17 Cincinnati (win 28-18, Oregon State) - Fear the BearCat. Oregon state is a decent team, and were no match for Tony Pike and company. Pike brought his team back from a 21-8 halftime deficit, with his 332 yards passing. Looking at their schedule, there is no reason Cincy can't go undefeated this year. They will be favored in every game they play from this point out, and they get West Virgina and Illinois at home.

No. 15 TCU (Win 56-21, Texas State) - With BYU losing bit go Florida State, TCU is now the number two BCS buster in the nation behind Boise. Unlike most of the BCS buster schools in the past (Boise, Hawaii, Utah), TCU really gets it done on defense. They held shitty Texas State to under 300 total yards of offense. They go to Clemsen this week, another game they should win.

Texas A&M (Win 38-30, Utah State) - A&M is notorious for not playing anybody early in the year, and this year is no different. But unlike the past few seasons, they are actually winning these games this year. Their QB Jerrod Johnson has looked solid so far this season, helping them get off to this 2-0 start, including putting up 322 yards and 4 TD's this game. Another warm up against UAB this week, before Arkansas comes to town.

No. 22 Kansas (win 44-16, Duke) - I said it last week, and I'll say it again this week, people are sleeping on Kansas and the fighting Mangino's. Tod Reesing is a legit QB, and they should rattle off 3 more "easy" wins before hosting Oklahoma in late October.

Big Ups to all my Haters upset of the week is Alabama over North Texas Washington 16-13, No. 3 USC. The superstar freshmen QB Barkley didn't play for USC, but Jake Locher did for Washington, and he lead his team in what has become a yearly occurrence for USC, losing a conference game they should have have easily. Things like this will happen when you turn the ball over 3 times and don't force any, just ask the Cowboys.

North Texas didn't win. Already talked a bit about it. This week stars SunBelt play and we will really see if this teams week one win over Ball State was the turnaround we thought it was or not.

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