Monday, September 14, 2009

College Footbal Weekly Round up - Week 2

Yea, the Houston hand sign is a shocker. UH my ass. wait, did I just say my ass and shocker in the same caption? That can't be good.

The first "show me" weekend has happened, and 1 team has proven themselves as legit(USC), one that couldn't live up to the hype(Oklahoma Lite), and 3 teams that might be more of a contender than you think(Michigan, TCU, Cincinnati).

Lets just get straigt into the bisnazz.

Main Eventers

No. 1 Florida (Win 56-6, Troy) - HoHum, the best team in the land beat another under matched team in the Gator second pre season game. This week we find out how good they are, and also if Tennessee is for real.

No. 3 USC (Win 18-15, No. 8 Ohio State) - Ohio State has T.Pryor, the fastest man alive, and USC was rolling out their superstar in waiting freshmen QB Matt Barkley. I really thought this was the year Ohio State got this monkey off their back. For 3 and a half quarters, Barkley looked like a freshmen QB starting his first big road game, then the last drive happened, where he was just nails. When USC took the lead 1:05 left, I thought to myself, "self, I really hope Pryor can lead them down to a FG and send this bitch into overtime. This is where the hypetrain really takes off for Pryor." Man was I wrong.

On a side note how is Jim Tressell not on the hot seat? Yea he wins in the big 10. He beats Michigan, which we all know is what they live for in Columbus, but over the past 4 years, he has lost to Texas (VY), beat Texas (Fresh Colt), Lost to USC (Sanchez), and lost to USC (Barkley), in their big non con games. Couple this with his BCS record is an average 4-3, how much magic does his 2002 national title hold, when it itself was about as lucky a season as one could have?

No. 2 Texas (win 41-10, Wyoming) - 13-10 at the half? That's not looking too good, but then Colt McCoy came alive, throwing for 2 TD's and running one in as well. Texas Tech comes to Austin for a revenge game this week, should get a better feel for this team after that one.

No. 4 Alabama (win 40-14, Florida International) - Freshmen RB Trent Richardson was fantastic in this blowout(15-118 2 TD's). I'm still not sold on their QB, but this Bamma team is better than last year. God I hope Riley dosn't play this week and we just chalk it up to a loss and get our paycheck.

Mid Carders

No. 7 Penn State (Win 28-7, Syracuse) - Like I said last week, they will stay here till they play at Mich in late October. QB Dayrll Clark was solid again going for 240 and 3 TD's.

No. 10 California (Win 59-7, Eastern Washington) - Holy Crap Javeed Best is a Beast! The Golden bear running back is built like an elite back (5'10", 190) in the mold of Emmit Smith, yet is faster than both Barry and Bush. He put it on Eastern Washington for 144 on 17 carries. Watch out USC.

No. 16 TCU (Win 30-14, Virginia) - Yea, UVA lost to William and Mary last week, i know, but they are still a big conference school, and TCU went to their turf, and hit them in the mouth repeatedly. Frogs were lead by a Defense that shut out UVA till late in the fourth. Could this be the year?

No. 9 Brigham Young (win 54-3, Tulane) - No let down here. BYU rolled

No. 13 Oklahoma (Win 64-0, Idaho State) - Poor Idaho State, had to let OU take out all the frustrations of last week out on them. QB Landry Jones played alright, but when your defense allowed only 44 total yards, including -22 rushing, a chimp could play QB and you will win.

Development Teams

No. 23 Cincinnati (Win 70-3, Southeast Missouri State) - I know its against a multi-directional team, but when you hang 70, your doing something right. So now, the BearCats have soundly beaten Rutgers (45-17) and hung 70 on someone. Watch out.

Michigan (Win 38-34, No. 18 Notre Dame) - Well, that Notre Dame run was fun while it lasted. This might have been one of the most fun games to watch that will happen all season. It was back and forth (5 lead changes), high scoring, full of big plays, and won with 5 seconds left, when freshmen QB Tate Forcier hit Greg Mathews for the win. What a game.

No. 24 Kansas (win 34-7, UTEP) - The forgotten team in the Big 12, with the best QB people still aren't talking about, has put up some good numbers over the first 2 weeks of the season. Two weeks, when they host southern miss, we will find out how real this team is.

Auburn (Win 49-24, Mississippi State) - Mississippi State is no Alabama, but they are an SEC team, and Auburn put up 589 total yards, and 390 yards rushing against them. Auburn may not be the cock of the walk in the SEC this year, but they are dangerous enough to make some noise.

Big Ups to all my Haters upset of the week is an easy one. Fresh off of "proving themselves" against Georgia last week, Oklahoma State let little old Houston come in and beat them 45-35. Houston's QB Case Keenum was talked about a lot coming into this year as one of those QB's from a small school that could be a good pro, well, 32-46 for 366 and 3 TD's against one of the best d's in the big 12 will help prove that story.

If you were anywhere in the vicinity of the Mid Cities Saturday night, possibly at the Euless Trinity vs Ceder Hill game i was working, and you heard a giant "FUCK!" seemingly coming from nowhere, I'm sorry, because as I was working, I kept checking the old gay phone to see how my beloved Mean Green of North Texas was doing in Denton. They looked good all game, but blew it in the rain of Denton in double overtime. Good news? We held Ohio to 232 yards, Bad News? Reily Dodge went down in the second half. I kinda hope he dosn't play Saturday due to the fact as Gerry Dorsey puts it "Terrence Cody Takes shits the size of Riley Dodge."


gerry dorsey said...

not that this is setting the bar EXTREMELY high, but bama's qb (and former todd dodge disciple) greg mcelroy is/will be the best bama qb in a loooooong time as the season plays out, and into next year.

riley isn't playing this week (unless he's martin riggs) as it has been diagnosed as a second degree shoulder separation. hopefully he can return soon after the bama game, b/c i think the mean green are screwed without him.

Bear said...

Think the Mean Green are screwed? No sir... they ARE screwed without Riley. There's no way the the Bill Hader look-a-like Chris Tune is capable of running this offense like Riley can.

gerry dorsey said...

told ya...