Tuesday, September 1, 2009

College Footbal Weekly Round up - Preview

Its Time!

Its Time!

Its Vader College Football Time!

With the College Football season set to start in less than a weeks, its time for us here at TB&TB to get off our lazy asses and start talkin' some football.

Last week the AP top 25 came out, so I guess its time to bring back the Roundup. For those of you who didn't follow us last year, let me explain how the round up works. During the regular season, i will pop on most mondays and talk about the previous weekends slate of College Football games. I rank teams baised on how I think they look and give no credence to where they were ranked a week prior.

The rankings break down into 3 different categories, all wrestling terms, Like to hear it, here it goes.

Main Eventers - Teams with a legit shot at the BCS Championship. (Just fyi, last year the opening Main Eventers were Florida, USC, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Ohio State)

Mid Carders - Teams that are on the next plaato. (Last year, LSU, Texas, West Virgina, Missouri, Auburn)

Developmental Teams - While these guys don't really have a shot at the BCS title, they are teams to watch out for, either because they are good non-BCS teams, or teams on the rise. (Last year the list included Texas Tech, Alabama, Kansas, Penn State, Brigham Young)

So lets get to my list, shall we?

Main Eventers:
1 Florida. They have Seniors in the most important positions on both sides of the ball in Brandon Spikes (LB), and the Great Tim Teebow. Urban Meyer has committed to Florida for like 20 years or somesuch. The only thing to watch for is if this team can find a legit playmaker to replace Percy Harvin.

3 Oklahoma. I give the nod to the Sooners over the Longhorns based on a gut feeling. Its going to be hard to replace all those WR's, but Sam Bradford has one hell of a TE in Jermaine Gresham, and the defence did well against Florida in the title game last year.

2 Texas - With McCoy returning, and Jordan Shipley given another year of eligibility, the Longhorns should have an explosive offence this year. Their chance to run the table will be a stiff one, having to play Oklahoma at Jerry World, then travel to Missouri and Oklahoma State, and if they get through all of that, then the last game of the year is at Kyle Field, and if the Horns are undefeated, no matter the record of A&M, that won't be an easy game.

4 USC - The whole O is back, sands QB Mark Sanchez, but not to worry, his replacement is ......a freshmen? Matt Barkley will helm the men of Troy this season, but no worries they have like 15 stud running backs, ohh, and a pretty good defence lead by all American Taylor Mays.

Mid Carders (Guys just a step below).

6 Ohio State - They play at the shoe this year, week 2, vs USC. It will be a watershed game for the Buckeyes, if they the super stud Terrelle Pryor can get past USC, another undefeated season going into January is a real possibility.

9 Oklahoma State - This years Texas Tech? Maybe. They have talent, QB Zac Robinson, WR Dez Bryant, that will be playing on Sundays next year, but in a conference where they have to play Texas, OU, Tech, and a road game at upstart Baylor, and a then a non con where the first game of the year is hosting number 13 Georgia, will put anyteam to the test.

5 Alabama - I'm not as high on Alabama as some are, but they may be the best overall team in the SEC West. The douche John Parker Wilson is gone, so is Glenn Coffee, but Julio Jones, the nations best WR is still there, and they did return All-American LB Rolando McClain, and stud DT Terrence Cody on defence.

Development guys (teams to watch out for)

15 Georgia Tech - Yea, Paul Johnson runs a felxbone, trip option offense, but in a down ACC, Tech could win a lot of games.

23 Notre Dame - One thing is for certain, this team will be better than last year. How much better depends on the offensive line that will protect Jimmy Clausen. Last year Clausen spent too much time on his back. If they can keep him upright, the Oct. 17th game at USC might feature 2 undefeated top 10 teams.

24 Nebraska - Year 2 under Bill Poleni will have continued improvement for this once powerhouse. They made strides last year, but will have to breat in a new QB in Zac Lee. The defence is anchored by what might be the best DT in all of college football, Ndamukong Suh.

as the year goes on, I will bring you guys more and more college football. Like my Big Ups to all my haters upset of the week, and some BCS Busters next time. Stay hard.


gerry dorsey said...

bama was a "developmental team" last year?? they were 6 minutes away from playing in the national championship game against oklahoma. what do you want them to develop into??

Big said...

By Developental team i didn't mean they needed to develope per say. Replace Developmental with "Team to watch out for thats under the radar" Developmental is a wrestling term for guys with potential.

Carl Badlander said...

"Bill Poleni" ????? WTF Big....IT'S BO GOD DAMMIT....BO FUCKING PELINI!!!! AKA....YO DADDY AFTER THIS YEAR.....Love you,