Monday, August 10, 2009


Got a little bit of big soccer match coming this week. And with that, i bring you our Europen Futball Master, Sir Arter Chillumsworth.

The last time we spoke I had some very harsh words for our neighbors to the south. But I'm not a violent man, I was just reacting to all their voodoo doll bullshit they were trying to pull in an effort to snap their horrible loss streak on American soil. Well, they've slain their personal demons at the Gold Cup finals, in case you missed it we lost 5-0 (ouch). But if you rewind the tape a little to last month; a full strength US squad defeated the world champions Spain 2-0 then marched to the final and stunned the Brazilians in the first half but after awakening the giant they were promptly squashed 3-2. It was exciting to watch and the quality of play was good the US team is well deserved of the #12 world ranking. But at times the team can be schizophrenic, let's hope the confident side shows throughout the match.

On Wednesday August 12th the United States Mens National Soccer team has a fair shot of defeating Mexico in their own stadium during World Cup Qualifying. A feat accomplished only once before by Costa Rica. You can get more background on the match here. This match is very important for the Mexican team as they need to win it in order to get the automatic berth for the World Cup Tournament next year. They are feeling confident and a small bit worried I would suspect. This could be an epic match that makes history.

I hope you can tune in somehow and support our purple mountains majesty and star spangled plains and such. This one is going to be tricky; it starts at 3pm broadcasting out of Mexico so the main channel is Telemundo (hooray!), however I found a sweet tip for DirecTV customers here. There are ways to get the game streaming onto your computer and most of these are in English so that's sort of a bonus.

I'd write some more but I'm really busy so just follow the links above and get psyched and even if you can't watch the match on wednesday just shout USA! USA! USA! from your office desk sometime around three.

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