Monday, July 20, 2009

The Erin Andrews Story

 I love EA as much as the next man…but doesn’t she kind of look like Lane Kiffin in this picture?

If you haven’t read a single blog since Friday, you might have missed the whole story regarding how Erin Andrews was videotaped in her hotel room, nude, ironing her clothes and straightening her hair.

(Hello, Google searchers.  Sorry you didn’t find the videos. Please, feel free to peruse the site anyway.)

Anyway, I actually did manage to see the videos before the whole thing blew up and ESPN lawyers fired the internet.   I’ll say this much.  You’re really desperate for material if a blonde, blurry picture of a nude woman who kind of looks like Erin Andrews for a split second does it for you.  Head to Brazzers and you’ll be better off.

Anyway, I guess my view on this is, yes it’s a pretty disgusting thing that people would obviously premeditatedly plan to video tape this woman in her room, but who roams around a hotel room naked with a curling iron and a clothes iron?  Seriously.  I lived in hotel rooms for about 6 years, and at no point in time did I think to iron my clothes or style my hair in the nude.   I’m not saying that I didn’t walk from the bathroom to the closet/suitcase nude, but, really, she was starkers with a hot curling iron next to her jubblies and a clothes iron next to her holy triangle.  Ballsy is the word I want to use, yet it seems inappropriate.

Yes, this post had zero relevance…I just wanted to drive traffic by mentioning the story. 

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