Monday, July 6, 2009

The Editor of is a female…



SpastikMooss said...

I think you're the guy who commented on my Kirby Dar Dar post. If so, sorry to have upset you so much. I wasn't trying to be a dick...most of my favorite players are guys who didn't make it because of an unfortunate incident or two, and the whole idea of the GSNHOF stems from me following absurd nicknamed players around through video games and the stat sheets.

I really meant Kirby no ill will. I said he was mediocre, and he was, injuries or not, a mediocre NFL player (though I will mention the injuries if you want and college days if you want). I like to think that a lot of my favorite players who never saw fame (Corey Alston, Kywin Supernaw, Dino Radja and Tyronn Lue to go to other sports) would be okay with the mediocre label.

So sorry that I royally pissed you off. Kirby seems like an awesome dude.

SpastikMooss said...

Also, I edited the Kirby entry a bit to make it sound "nicer." I still don't really see what was so bad about it...the only sentence that read a little mean was the sentence saying that at least he had you for a fan, but the rest of the article was neutral to pro Kirby at best. So again, sorry for pissing you off, but there you go.

And if you really love Kirby, you'll vote for him to join the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame hahaha. He's doing alright on the current ballot so far but could use a boost.