Monday, July 20, 2009

Did Brock Lesnar’s actions legitimize pro wrestling or tarnish MMA?

Big, how much for you to get this tattoo?

So, last weekend at UFC 100, Brock Lesnar defeated Frank Mir to become the “undisputed” heavyweight champion of the UFC.  After the fight, he proceeded to flip off the crowd, demean Frank Mir, and give a “WWE-like” victory speech.

This seemed to cause an uproar because…well, I’m not too sure.

I’m not a huge MMA fan.  I’m more of a boxing guy, but I watch MMA on the periphery with the guys, and I know who’s who.  Here’s the thing…exactly what is so wrong about showing a little bit of personality?

Is Dana White that terrified of being lumped with Vince McMahon?  Does he think that if his guys show some personality that they’ll be seen as on par with pro wrestlers instead of as fighters? 

I’m pretty sure even the most hardcore of MMA fan isn’t the same kind of guy as the baseball purist here or Joe Buck complaining about Randy Moss’s touchdown celebrations.  The whole god damn sport is based on raw brutality and primal instinct. 

Guys talking trash, showing personality and creating rivalries is what drives interest.  Period.  If you ask me, the entire argument against Lesnar and his actions are wholly based in the fact that he was a former pro wrestler and MMA junkies are so terrified of being lumped with the WWE and its fan base.  

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j-bizzle said...

The crowd was pissed that Lesnar did what he does best, which is lay on top of the other guy and pound the shit out of him. He disagreed and promptly showed his disapproval of their disapproval.

Lest everyone forget, before he was a WWE superstar Lesnar was a legitimate wrestler in college...and a damn good one at that.

Would I like to see more stand-up/action in his fights? Sure. But I also really want to see the "day after" picture of Frank Mir. Douche Von Assholenstein got fuuuucked up!

UFC 103 in D-town! TB&TB gonna be there?