Monday, May 18, 2009

Why aren’t we talking about [NAME REDACTED]?

It’s simple.  Both Big and I are HUGE believers in the jinx factor. 

We ain’t sayin’ shit until we feel it’s safe.


Bear said...

Come on over to my neck of the woods... I'm talking about them! jinx factor in place, I've been talking about them!

Big said...

If team that won't be named yet starts droping games, Its bear hunting season. I'm gonna get all elmer fudd on your ass.

Kill the bear! Kill the bear!

j-bizzle said...

Well they did just play the angels...and swept them, so that's why they're so far ahead in that division "team that won't be named" is in. The rest of that division is, what's that Mr. Barkley?

"Turrible....just turrible."

...what he said