Friday, May 8, 2009

Thoughts from One of the Good Ones - A Neyfa Rant

We always encourage people to hit us up if they have something to say, and one of our Followers is Neyfa. Sometimes he's our political correspondent, and sometimes (like what your about to read) he is a die hard cowboy fan. Enjoy

Like you woudn't hit that.

With the new Cowboys Stadium set to open this season I had a few thoughts I wanted to share about the Cowboys fans.

Most of you are complete assholes. Seriously, how many of you are there when the Cowboys aren’t worth a shit? Also why are you such pussies at the stadium? I’ve gone to games and seen you. None of you say shit when you see some dickhead wearing a Steelers jersey or worse yet a goddamn Redskins jersey. These people are enemies to America’s team which makes them enemies of America. They should be treated accordingly. At the very least they should have nachos dumped on them. Personally I think instead of the Cowboy’s Corral there should be a Gitmo like prison for any dipshit stupid enough to wear an opposing team’s jersey in our house.

Only in Dallas do we slam our quarterback for railing the celebrity with the biggest tits outside of porn or wrestling. Let’s be honest here. Every boy from Texas wants to grow up and be a Dallas Cowboy and it appears that every girl wants to grow up and bang a Dallas Cowboy. Not only that but none of you can honestly say you wouldn’t fuck Jessica Simpson and blow all over her tits or at the very least motor boat those things.

Also stop the bullshit Romo bashing. Aside from people all pissed that he’s banging Jessica Simpson it turns out that Romo apparently sucks and Jay Cutler would be much better. Give me a fucking break, this dude is a badass who is fucking Jessica Simpson, turned out Carrie Underwood so bad that she’s been reduced to chasing hockey players like a Hanson brother’s groupie, and has set all sorts of team passing records. With the possible exception Tom Brady (who is a douche because he plays for New England) there isn’t a player on the list with better credentials. Sure, Big Ben has two rings but he rides crotch rockets. Nobody who does that can really be respected. Both of the Manning brothers have a ring but they can’t even tie their own shoes much less string a sentence together. As for Cutler, he’s a little bitch and I’m appalled that people would even consider wanting that crybaby for the Cowboy’s quarterback.

By the way, the Cowboys should win the Super Bowl this year. Despite a lousy draft they are still better than any other team. Let’s just hope they don’t underachieve like their asshole fans.

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