Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TB&TB Movie Review - Star Trek

If TB&TB has a set of rules, I believe this one would fall somewhere between "always poo in the guest bathroom" and "no fat* chicks". And that rule is "if we like it, so should you."

Well, we like movies. Doesn't matter the "quality" or "budget" or even "plot," we like movies. We like Indy films, Comedy's, Drama, happy movies, sad movies, just about anything that is quality, we rock it. We are not snobs, and won't talk about how the lighting really took effect and helps portray the antagonist's angst and frustration. I just want to be entertained, which brings me to one of the big summer movies that just came out that I was skeptical when I first learned about it; Star Trek.

Now I say that I was skeptical because while I wasn't the biggest fan of the original, I was a pretty big fan of the next generation. (shocking I know, the big guy with a blog is a Star Trek Next Gen fan). With that in mind, when I heard that "Hollywood" was relaunching the franchise with a new cast, with the idea that its going to be "the origins of Kirk and Spock," AND that J.J.Abrams was directing the movie, my first reaction was to roll my eyes while making a JO motion with my hand. I just knew it was going to be all hip hop out, and everybody would be fucking, and everybody would be a bad ass, and everybody would be hot, and there would be lots of explosions, and Abrams would "Lost" it up with plot twists and "did you notice" moments like he does in his low Lost (hence "Lost" it up).

And I can honestly say after watching the flick last night, all of those assumptions were valid.

And It was still extremely good.

It had everything that you wanted in not a Star Trek movie, but it had everything you wanted in a solid summer blockbuster as well.

Without giving away the too much of the plot, the focus of the film was how the crew of the original Enterprise came to be.While it focused on the story of Spock and Kirk, just about every member of the supporting cast was introduced as well, which should make the Trekies happy, without diverting too much from the story that will keep non Trek-heads entertained.

Much like Batman Begins was a relaunch of the Batman franchise, Star Trek does the same thing.

Basically, even as a sceptic going into the movie, it was well worth my time, and I'll watch it again in the future. If your a Trek fan, don't worry there isn't too much "hip hop"erazation of it, and if your not a Trekie, don't worry its not too nerdy to enjoy either.

Now we can get ready for about 8 more of these.

Bonus Would Ya?

You know I would.

*"no" is very loosly defined term to be honered by whom ever sets said term

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