Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Sports Guy, as usual, explains so much

Fuck That Guy!

I love Bill Simmons, and if that makes me a douche, so be it.

He most recent article, which is a three part email exchange with best selling author Malcolm Gladwell, is like walking into a debate on your favorite subject, between two people who are smarter, more thoughtful, and think more outside the box than you do.

Most of the article is about the NBA and whats wrong and how you can change it. I highly suggest you read it, but beware, its long.

There was one excerpt that I wanted to share with you in case the 9,000 words scare you away. This is Bill Simmons talking about the NBA Ref's, and how stupid the NBA is in using them.

"Back to your point about arrogance and sports leagues: Please tell me you're following the current officiating debacle. The two most-watched regular-season games (both Celtics-Lakers games) were ruined by officials. Game 7 of a classic Boston-Chicago series was ruined by officials. The Mavs' season was ruined by officials. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to flagrant fouls and how they are called, just that the ongoing indecision has compromised the quality of the games. Bill Kennedy had such a heated incident with Doc Rivers in March that both were fined; somehow, Kennedy worked two Boston playoff games (both must-wins on the road). Dallas went 1-14 in its past 15 playoffs games that Danny Crawford officiated; somehow he worked one of their 2009 playoff games (inevitably, a loss for Dallas). Joey Crawford got suspended two years ago for baiting Tim Duncan, then blew last season's season-ending Spurs call … and somehow, he worked a must-win San Antonio playoff game in 2009. And the number of competent refs is so bad that Violet Palmer worked a Round 2 game last week. For a league that vowed to clean things up post-Donaghy, why haven't we seen any real results yet?

I'm not the kind of guy to scream "the refs screwed us!" because honestly the refs screw everybody at some point. Just some food for thought.

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Bear said...

I just read this article today, and if liking him makes us douches, I'm ok, because he knows a thing or two!