Friday, May 22, 2009

See what you did!

Due to a certain grizzly like fellow, and his breaking of the baseball team here in Dallas. My good pal and writing buddy has decided to move to Nebraska.

And he's taking his cheese and water bottle full of Jager with him.

Way to go buddy. Way to go.


Bear said...

I would just like to say that there is no link to me breaking the team. I wrote about the Rangers even before they went on their 7 game winning streak. In fact sir, I blame you for breaking them because even your attempt at not writing about them, you wrote about them! So therefore I put the blame on you! I will accept that the Rangers connot seem to win in Detroit. I think they've lost something like the last 11 games there!

Big said...

The Whole "its not my fault its yours" defence? What are you, 13? Me thinks the lady doth protest too much....

Bear said...


Big said...

There are three things that you can count on while reading this blog.

1. Bad miss-spellings from your truly.

2. unbaised hate on all things young by brown.

3. a bear who comments with too many !!!!!, that reacts like a 13 year old when his friends told him his "starter" jacket that he thought was so cool, in fact makes him look like a douche.

don't bring that weak sauce in here

(love you buddy)

j-bizzle said...

i'll take this one...i texted brown the other day basically asking "how 'bout them rangers?" and he immediately retorted "don't jinx it!"

i believe that is what sparked his "why aren't we talking about [name redacted]" bad, bad

....or you can still blame bear.