Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mike Vick got released from prison today…now what?

So, if you haven’t heard, everyone’s favorite dog fightin’ quarterback was released from prison at midnight this morning and will server the remaining 2 months of his sentence under a house arrest condition.   Then he’s on probation for 3 years. 

So, now what?

Well, in the short term, he’s going to be working a $10/hr construction job to earn wages (and get back into shape).

What does this mean for his football career?  Is it over forever?  Is he going to get reinstated?  If he does, will anyone sign him?

Here’s what I don’t get.  Why is he not being, at least somewhat, forgiven? 

I’m a dog lover.  Really, I am.  And I can’t begin to imagine how fucked up in the head someone has to be to fight dogs.  But, the man was forced to relinquish his career and assets and has served 2 years in federal prison.  I’d like to think he’s learned a lesson and has paid his debt. 

Forget my abhorrence towards PETA.  I’m an animal lover, but hearing PETA stories and people makes me want to kick a box of kittens around their office while eating stake and wearing a mink banana hammock. 

I’ve been rambling all around here, but I’m wondering where the fury is over Leonard Little who killed PEOPLE while driving drunk and has gotten another DUI since, yet is still in the league?   Where’s the fury around Donte Stallworth who killed a PERSON this offseason while driving drunk?  Ray Lewis stabbed a man to death and he’s lauded as the NFL’s reverend replacement for Reggie White?  Jamal Lewis went to jail for selling cocaine and we’re all good with that?

I’m not bringing up a point regarding the league’s and media’s hypocrisy that hasn’t been brought up before.   However, if a team wants to sign Mike Vick to a contract, they should be allowed to do so without having to think, “boy what’s PETA going to do to us?” and “what’s the media going to do to us?”   At least not if MADD and the media aren’t going to protest Browns and Rams camps all summer.

We can point at Michael Vick and say he’s a bad man.  That’s easy.  But I’m not convinced that the same finger needs to be pointed at PETA and media-types who are just as guilty for sidewalk proselytizing and crucifying the man.

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