Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to confuse my writing buddy…

Big is, believe it or not, pretty hard to confuse.  Not that he’s got some higher observational IQ than others, normally if he senses a situation that will confuse him, he’ll extricate himself to go enjoy a cigarette. 

However, I think I’ve found the thing that will confuse him.

Big loves Barack Obama.  Loves him.  He’s black, he loves basketball and he’s a Democrat.  Forget the whole president thing, Big just needs these things.

Big’s also a big ol’ Catholic.  And, because he follows Catholic dogma, he’s immediately a Notre Dame football fan.  That, and he cried at the end of “Rudy”.

That’s when I came across this story.

Seems like Barack Obama hates Notre Dame football.

Ball’s in your court, Big. 

*cue the Honky Tonk Man

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