Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dallas Cowboy Progress Report

The Mighty (and great) MJD over at The Shutdown Corner at Yahoo! has provided a lengthy and thorough Dallas Cowboy progress report, and I suggest you check it out.

Some highlights…

“If the Cowboys are going to have team t-shirts printed up with a slogan for the 2009 season, I'd like to suggest, "FORGET YOUR POPCORN." The era of popcorn needs to be over. It's time to usher in an era of just being a football team.”

“Recently, it seems like the Cowboys have been more of a general entertainment entity than an actual football team.”

“For now, though, I think the lack of headlines is progress enough. They've signed low-key guys who can contribute, I liked their volume approach to drafting, and they've done it all without being flashy or bringing distractions upon themselves.”

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